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CCRMS Pardons Office Location – Buyers Beware!

CCRMS Pardons – Formerly Scotia Pardons – Formerly Trusted Pardons – aka Dale Does Waivers and many more.

Don’t Be Fooled

This man’s name is NOT Dale King


CCRMS Pardons

The man above is not Dale King unless he has legally changed his name which would be a bad sign in terms of honesty and credibility. It’s hard to imagine why someone who bills himself as Canada’s top expert in criminal record pardons and travel waivers would need to hide behind a fake name.

This is also the man behind the company that is now operating as Canadian Criminal Record Management Services, or CCRMS pardons. However his real name as it appears on California court documents relating to lawsuits against him is Adil Javid.

Here are a couple of his online profiles with his real name:

If you are thinking of dealing with CCRMS then please read on.

The Pardon and Waiver Industry is Unregulated

Canadians looking for assistance in obtaining a Pardon, Record Suspension, or US entry waiver should be aware that a long running scam is still operating, primarily on facebook and instagram. The company is taking people’s money and providing little or nothing in return.

Of course, this is not the only scam operating in this industry. It is just the one that has most recently come to my attention. Because these companies are able to operate undisturbed by regulating authorities we strongly advise anyone looking for assistance with pardons or waivers to carefully research the company you are considering.

The Problem with CCRMS Pardons

CCRMS Pardons is just another name. It was originally called Scotia Pardons but has since been re-branded many times. Currently it is operating as CCRMS Pardons.

However, it is under the same management that resulted in Scotia Pardons being taken to court by the district attorney of California. Trusted Pardons was another name included in the lawsuit.

A news piece about the case can be read in Court House News and the link is provided below:

The case was fairly straight forward. The company routinely provided false information and took money from Canadians with no intention of providing any service in return. Since the company was operating out of California at the time it appears that it generated enough complaints to get the attention of the powers that be.

A few interesting quotes from the above linked article are included here:

  • Filing suit Wednesday in Superior Court, the Kern County District Attorney’s Office claims Trusted Pardon Services, Scotia Pardon, and member/managers Omar Akhtar, Adil Javed, and Jamie Jackson took people’s money but provided little or none of the promised services.
  • The prosecutor says Akhtar and Javed encouraged their customer relations staff to lie to customers who called to check on the status of their application.
  • “The customer relations staff charged reactivation fees and solicited add-on services knowing TPS did not intend to perform any services for the customer.
  • With thousands of customers paying over $1,000 each on average, defendants have committed large-scale fraud,” the district attorney says.

Canadian Criminal Record Management Services, aka CCRMS Pardons

I had been hearing about problems with Scotia Pardons and Trusted Pardons for years when I finally wrote the following post on my blog.

Since then I have routinely taken calls from former victims of Scotia Pardons and Trusted Pardons who were fed up with the lack of service and looking for help moving forward.

Following the lawsuit and our blog post Scotia Pardons struggled to keep its scam going and was eventually forced to rebrand. And now CCRMS pardons is continuing with the same old tired routine.

CCRMS Locations – A clear sign of a scam

Interestingly enough the address for CCRMS pardons on the company’s website is different from the one listed on its facebook page. A bad sign if you are looking for a reputable company.

FB page:

2140 Winston Park Drive
Oakville, ON, Canada L6H5V5

Google the address or just click the link and you will see that the company does not appear in the search results for this location. This is one of the clearest indicators of an organization that is not presenting itself honestly and is therefore most likely trying to deceive its clientelle.

Company Website

300 – 7111 Syntex Drive
Mississauga, ON L5N8C3

Once again the company does not appear in the search results for its supposed website location. What does appear is a lead generation company. This is another bad sign.


CCRMS Pardons

What do to?

CCRMS Pardons was finally brought to my attention by one of its former victims. Fortunately the client had only paid a small amount of money compared to some of its other alleged victims. Below is the correspondence he received:





You can make your own judgement about this reply and about this company. My advice is stay away.


In case you’re interested here in the actual case brought against Adil Javed, Scotia Pardons, Trusted Pardons and more, here it is:










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