Get a US entry waiver

If you have been stopped at the border, deported from the USA and/or have a criminal record you are probably inadmissible to the United States. The solution to your problem is a US entry waiver.

If you’re ready to get started you have several options below. But if you want to discuss your case first just give us a call or request a callback. We’re happy to explain everything you need to know.

We’ve been preparing waiver applications since 2002 and we are very good at it. With the National Pardon Centre you get:

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  • The leading US entry waiver service in Canada

  • RCMP accredited fingerprinting services provider

  • A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau

  • A administrative services organization helping Canadians since 2002

Don’t delay. Contact NPC about your US entry waiver. Freedom to travel starts today.

Ready Now?

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Callback Request

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Getting Started

If you’re ready to get things going you have the following three options:

1. Visit Our Walk in Centre

It’s nice to meet the people who will be helping you with this important step. So if it’s convenient come visit us in MONTREAL or TORONTO between 8.30 am t0 5.00 pm monday to friday.

For more information on our walk in centre click here.

2. Apply Securely Online

If you can’t come visit us in person don’t worry. We’ve helped thousands of people across Canada and abroad. Simply apply online and we will get things started.

3. Apply Through Canada Post

You can easily download our application forms and activate your file through Canada Post. Simply return the forms with your payment and we will get things going as soon as it arrives.