Pardon and Waiver Services

At the National Pardon Centre we know you’re all unique and we know you don’t all have the same criminal record. We also know you have different financial priorities. That’s why we offer three levels of pardon and waiver services to give you the best choice possible.

About Our Service Options

Executive Service

This is the most all inclusive service available in the industry. Your file will be handled only by senior management. All disbursement fees are included and we even come to your home, work or other chosen location for document signing, fingerprinting and consultation.  It isn’t for everyone but if it’s for you, you won’t be disappointed.

Our executive pardon and waiver services are available to those living within striking distance of our Montreal and Toronto walk in locations.

Premium Service

We are confident this is the best value for pardon and waivers service in the industry. All disbursement charges are included so there are no surprises. Files are prepared as quickly as possible and unlimited support is included free of charge.

Other companies will offer a similar price point for pardon and waiver services but usually disbursement costs will be billed down the road. It is also important to be careful you look out for scams. There are a lot of companies that are happy to take your money and do nothing at all. With us you get peace of mind!

Call us: 1-866-242-2411 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday