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Canadian Pardon

A Canadian Pardon, also known as a record suspension, will clear your criminal record in Canada.



US Entry Waiver

A US entry waiver overcomes border restrictions and lets you to enter the United States of America.




RCMP certified fingerprinting is the most reliable way to perform a criminal background check in Canada.


Criminal Records Cleared Since 2002


You can get in touch with a counsellor at the National Pardon Centre any time during business hours. We are always happy to answer your questions. You can also use the options below help keep yourself informed and/or help us keep your file moving along.

Rest assured that we want your case finished up and in your hands ASAP.


Not our client yet? Not a problem.

If you live near one of our walk in centres in Montreal or Toronto the best way to begin your application is to come visit us during business hours. We have digital fingerprinting onsite so if you plan on opening a file be sure to bring TWO pieces of government ID.

If you don’t live near us don’t worry. We handle pardon and waiver applications for people across Canada and abroad.


It’s hard to trust people these days. We know because we’ve heard so many stories. But at the National Pardon Centre your file is in good hands. We’re not just honest, we’re efficient. And we firmly believe we run the best pardon and waiver service in Canada.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee results or time frames. We can’t because no one can. Decisions are up to the government and time frames are based on the courts, police, RCMP, etc. But rest assured we will always advise you honestly and we will always act in your best interest.

It’s not just our guarantee. It’s our promise!

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