Mission Statement

Our mission is to have the best team preparing the fastest, most efficient pardon and waiver applications possible.

About the National Pardon Centre

The National Pardon Centre was founded in 2002 by Michael Ashby and Nicole Levesque. It operates as a Federal non-profit organization. We offer what we believe are the highest quality Canadian pardon services and US entry waiver services in Canada.

The National Pardon Centre is also an RCMP accredited fingerprinting services provider. It was one of the first companies in Canada to receive this accreditation.

National Pardon Centre Can Help

We understand how a criminal record affects your life. Finding a job, crossing the border or even just coaching little league can be impossible with a criminal record. The good news is we know how to help. We’ve been putting criminal records to rest for over a decade. We’ve handled thousands of applications and we can handle yours too.

A Canadian pardon, also known as a record suspension, will get your life back on track and a US waiver will open up the border and let you travel.

Michael Ashby, discussing Bill C-10 and the pardon program on CBC's Power and Politics.

Michael Ashby, discussing Bill C-10 and the pardon program on CBC’s Power and Politics. Watch Video


Nicole Levesque at the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security discussing Canada’s pardon program.

Our Services – Pardons, Waivers and Fingerprinting

We offer what we believe are the best Canadian pardon services (record suspension) and US entry waiver services in Canada based on value for your investment. While others boast of low cost and then saddle you with hidden fees, we believe we have the best service available at a competitive price. We are upfront about fees, time frames and what our service includes (and does not include) so that you can relax. After all, you’re hiring us to make this easier for you.

Fingerprinting at the National Pardon Centre

Our company was invited by the RCMP Civil Fingerprinting Division to be part of the pilot project that introduced electronic, digital fingerprinting to Canada. As a result we were one of the first companies to receive an accreditation to provide this service. To date we are still one of only 6 other companies with its own server connected directly to the RCMP.

Advocacy in the Industry

Both Michael and Nicole were invited to speak at the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security during the discussions on the Conservative government’s crime bill. We argued strongly in favour of an open and tolerant pardon system that helps people get back to work. To date we are still working to reverse some of the tough on crime measures that have moved the pardon system towards a more intolerant approach to rehabilitation.

Michael has appeared on CBC’s Power and Politics and has written articles on pardons, criminal justice and more for the Toronto Star, ipolotics.ca, The Montreal Gazette, and other publications. He was invited to be a panel member at the University of Ottawa that discussed the pardons legislation. Michael is an active voice in the criminal justice community on matters relating to the pardon program.

We’d love to help

Now that you know a bit about us don’t delay. We would love to hear about you and see if we are the right team to handle your case.

Give us a call, drop by a walk in centre or apply online. Let us get working for you because a criminal record is something you can live without.

Call us: 1-866-242-2411 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday