What is a US entry waiver application?

A US entry travel waiver is an official document from the American government. It will give you permission to enter the United States despite having been found inadmissible. This document will allow you to cross the USA border just like anyone else, provided you are following the general rules and laws when entering the Country. Border guards will have no authority to deny you entry when you are in possession of a valid US entry waiver and you are obeying the laws of the country.

If you have been deemed inadmissible to the United States you require a US entry waiver in order to return.

What Can Our Waiver Service Do For You?

Preparing a USA waiver application is time consuming and tedious work. It can easily take up to 12 months to complete. We provide the peace of mind you require by providing professional waiver preparation services.

You should also keep in mind that a US entry waiver will be valid for a period of 1 – 5 years. The better your application is prepared, the better your chance is of being granted a 5 year waiver. In the end we can save you a lot of time and money.

Waiver eligibility: How soon can I apply for a US entry waiver?

A US Entry waiver application does not have specific criteria for being eligible in the way that a Canadian pardon does. However, there are several factors that will increase or decrease your chances of being granted access to the United States. Some of these include:

  • Severity of the crime, or other reason for being deemed inadmissible
  • The number of charges on your criminal record
  • How long ago the offence(s) took place
  • How much you can show that you have changed a now live a different lifestyle

Your chances of being granted a US entry waiver will also depend on how well your application is prepared. If any information is not included it can damage your chances of being granted access to the United States. We can help with this. We’ve been preparing US travel waivers since 2002 and we are very familiar with the information that the American government wants to see include in your application.


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How long will it take to get my waiver?

The average processing time at the National Pardon Centre for a pardon is 8 – 12 months, start to finish. This includes the time it takes to complete the steps required to complete the government paperwork. Keep in mind that time frames cannot be guaranteed, although time frames for a US entry waiver are generally more predictable than they are for a Canadian pardon application.

How much will it cost to get my US entry waiver?

Our cost to prepare a US waiver application is $930 + tax. This cost includes court documents and fingerprinting services (if you are able to visit one of our offices). Additional costs include:

  • American submission fee payable directly to the American government
  • Approximately $85 for fingerprinting services if you cannot visit one of our offices

How can I get my waiver done faster?

Any company offering “expedited” or “rush” US entry waiver services should be avoided. The truth is that no one has any control over the government agencies involved in preparing a waiver application. Therefore, no one can do a prepare a waiver any faster simply because you pay more money.

Reasons you may require a US waiver

There are three main reasons you may be refused entry to the United States. Although we do not handle medical inadmissibility we have extensive experience completing criminal inadmissibility waivers as well as waivers for those who have overstayed their welcome and/or been deported.

For a complete list of disqualifications please see the link below. Be advised that some situations cannot be remedied.


If you are concerned that you may be inadmissible because of a criminal record or for overstaying your welcome / being deported please feel free to give us a call. We will advise you based on our experience processing waivers since 2002.

Our advice may contradict other information you’ve been given but this should not come as a surprise. The legislation concerning United States access is complicated. Furthermore, American border guards are given discretion to refuse people entering the country as they see fit.

Exceptions to criminal inadmissibility

United States law does allow for some exceptions to the criminal inadmissibility rule but in our experience it is not applied reliably. For example only criminal convictions should result in criminal inadmissibility (meaning the accused was found guilty and then convicted – rather than discharged, dismissed, etc). However, we do not see that part of the rule applied evenly. We speak to a lot of people who have been refused for criminal charges that did not result in a conviction.

Our advice is that if a record or arrest is showing on your criminal abstract you should stay away from the border until it has been remedied. We do not suggest relying on a US border guard to recognize the difference between a conviction and a non-conviction.

The one charge commonly permitted at the US border is a DUI. However, if you have more than one DUI arrest on your record it is possible you may be refused entry at the border.

The most common criminal restrictions involve the following:

  • Crimes of Moral Turpitude
  • Multiple Convictions of any kind
  • Drug Possession and Trafficking

Please keep in mind that we regularly speak to people who have been refused entry for crimes that would not technically be considered crimes of moral turpitude. The only way to be sure you are not at risk when crossing the border is to – 1. Have no criminal information associated with your name or 2. Be in possession of a valid US entry waiver. Under any other circumstance you are taking chances with being denied entry.

The waiver application process

Applying for a US entry waiver is a long and tedious process that begins with having your fingerprints taken by a police jurisdiction or an RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency. We are one of the few companies in Canada with a “Direct Connect” digital fingerprinting system connected to Civil Fingerprinting in Ottawa. While others are required to outsource steps in the waiver application process we are able to complete your application from start to finish.

The finished application will include a long list of documentation required by American authorities. This includes biographical information, immigrations forms, court documents, conviction reports and more.

It will also include information that will help prove you have ties to Canada and documentation to prove you will not be a financial burden on the United States while visiting (this really means you have money to spend on vacation).

Of course it is possible to prepare a waiver application on your own. However, you cannot do your own fingerprints so this step will have to be handled by a professional organization like the National Pardon Centre. Furthermore, the results of your application will largely depend on not only the severity of your criminal record but also how well your application has been prepared. Be careful because you do not want to spend a lot of time and resources only to receive a negative response.

If you are concerned about this let us do the work for you. We have extensive experience processing US entry waiver applications and we promise to provide you with information that is honest and in your best interest.

The I 192 US waiver form

The I 192 form is an American immigration form, required from people who are inadmissible to the United States of America. It is used as part of an application for advanced permission to enter the country as a non-immigrant. The completed application – which is submitted at an American port of entry – is called the United States entry waiver application.

Canadian entering the United states are normally require no more than a passport to enter the country for travel and leisure purposes. However Canadians who have been deemed inadmissible will be required to process a US waiver and the I 192 US wiaver form will be required as a part of that application.

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Hiring a lawyer vs. an agency vs. doing the paperwork yourself

Hiring a lawyer

The advantage to hiring a lawyer is that a lawyer has extensive knowledge of the actual law. However, lawyers commonly charge an hourly wage which can add up to a lot of money. We have heard of lawyers charging up to $10,000 to prepare a US entry waiver which is a sum we think is grossly disproportionate to the service provided.

Furthermore, lawyers typically do not have extensive experience handling US entry waiver applications since their primary occupation involves other matters. Lawyers are also unable to take fingerprints. Therefore lawyers tend to be a costly solution to a problem that can often be done with much less financial investment and better results.

Hiring an agency

Agencies like the National Pardon Centre provide waiver application services at a greatly reduced cost.

Our other advantage is that we have extensive experience dealing with the actual waiver process, rather than extensive knowledge of the legislation governing these applications. In other words, our advantage is practical rather than theoretical.

If you are looking for specific, accurate advice on what the law says, consult a lawyer. If you are looking for advice how YOU should proceed in order to gain entry to the United States as easily as possible, consider talking to us.

We provide US entry waiver preparation services at a fraction of what a lawyer will typically charge and we have custom software developed specifically to track your file through the various stages of a waiver application.

We will also monitor your file free of charge once your waiver has been granted and we will inform you when it is time to renew the application.

Doing it yourself

If you prepare your own waiver application be careful because the process is long and tedious. However, like many things in life if you are able to do it correctly, you will save some money by doing the legwork yourself.

The trade off will be the time learning what documentation is required and then preparing it all correctly. Keep in mind that even if you prepare your own application, there are considerable costs that will still apply. Namely the USD filing fee that is payable upon submission of your completed application.

Criteria for success

A better way to look at the waiver application process is to think about what makes an application successful, rather than what makes an applicant eligible.

Although the US Department of Homeland Security might have concerns about granting a waiver to someone who has recently been convicted of a serious offence, most Canadians will have their waiver granted even if their charges are fairly recent.

It is not in the US government’s interest to keep law-abiding and responsible Canadians from crossing the border. The people who evaluate waiver applications understand this.

They are however concerned with the following because the waiver application is strictly for travel purposes only:

  • That the  applicant might re-offend while they’re in the United States.
  • That the applicant might violate US immigration law by working illegally.
  • That the applicant might be travelling to the United States for a period longer than six months.

What do I do?

You need to assure the American government that you are not a risk. There are many things you can do to facilitate getting this point across in your waiver application. For example:

  • Do acknowledge that you made mistakes in the past and that you have taken steps to change.
  • Do show what steps you have taken and what results they have led to.
  • Prove you have money to spend and strong ties to Canada.
  • Show that you learned from your mistakes and you’ve moved on with your life.
  • Do not make excuses for your criminal behaviour.
  • Do not suggest that past offences were only minor or imply that you pleaded guilty simply because your lawyer told you to.

Ties to Canada

You can show that you’re not planning on living or working illegally in the US by telling the Americans about your life in Canada. Tell them about your job and your family and friends. Tell them things you love about your home country. Tell them about your home and what you do for fun.

Whatever parts of your life you decide to reveal the message you want to send is that you are an upstanding and responsible citizen of Canada – just the kind of person they want to welcome at the border.

Additional Steps

There other things you are required to include in your waiver application but they are items that must be included, rather than details you can add to make your application look that much better. These include your criminal record, court documents, immigration forms, etc.

If you are planning to prepare an application on your own take your time and be careful. The result – if successful – will be a waiver document that is valid for 1 – 5 years. But once it expires you need to reapply so you want to submit the best application possible.

If you have any questions please call or send us an email. We would be happy to prepare the best waiver application possible on your behalf.

Instructions for filing your waiver

Applicants must file the US entry waiver on their own but we provide our clients with clear instructions on when, where and how to get this done. We also provide up to date information on the most accessible locations.

Typically you will be required to go to a port of entry. This will usually either be a land border or an airport. Once the application is submitted the border agent will collect the USD filing fee and take your fingerprints. You will then wait for DHS to process your application and return the valid US waiver document allowing you to freely cross the border again.

Results of your application

It is important to realize that there are no guarantees when it comes to your waiver being granted. However, if you are working with us we promise to give you an honest consultation and let you know what the chances are that your application will be accepted or refused.

Some things that will negatively affect your application:

  • Very recent convictions
  • Being on probation
  • Poorly prepared application
  • Incorrect or invalid application
  • Expired documentation in your application

Some things that will positively affect your application:

  • A well prepared application
  • Correct, valid documentation with official translations (if required)
  • No recent charges on your record
  • Strong ties to Canada
  • Valid reasons for travelling to the United States
  • Strong character references

The results of your waiver will be a document that is valid for anywhere from 1 – 5 years. You can travel as much as you like so long as the waiver is valid and you are following standard travel guidelines and laws that are applicable to everyone.

Rest assured that the vast majority of applicants will have no problem obtaining a positive result with their application.

If you are worried your waiver won’t be accepted please give us a call to discuss your case. We promise to advise you honestly if we think there is a chance that your application will not be accepted.

American access to Canadian criminal records

American border agents have limited access to CPIC which stands for Canadian Police Information Centre. It is the central repository of police records in Canada. If you have an active criminal record that will be revealed from a regular background check you are at risk when crossing the border.

Pardons / record suspensions and the US border

Although American border agents can access CPIC they are not able to access criminal records for which a pardon / record suspension has been granted. However, if they have already viewed the criminal record PRIOR to the pardon / record suspension being granted that information would have been downloaded into the American criminal record database. In that case the criminal record will still be accessible and a pardon will not affect your ability to cross the border.

Where can I travel with a US entry waiver?

The official document from the American government allows you to travel to the United States of America for recreational purposes. If you are not in possession of a valid waiver you can still travel to any other country with a criminal record and it should not be a problem. But keep in mind that your travel plans cannot include a stop in the United States, even if it is just a layover en route to another location.

If you have to clear American customs you must be sure you are either in possession of a valid US entry waiver or that there is no criminal record attached to your name.

For further information consult our website or give us a call and speak with a counsellor today.

What to do?

There is only one way to be absolutely sure you are not at risk when entering the United States of America. To guarantee entry you should be applying for a US entry waiver. A Canadian pardon may facilitate entry but it is not a legal means of overcoming inadmissibility.

If you have any concerns or further question concerning USA entry waivers or Travel restrictions please contact the National Pardon Centre.

US entry waiver instructions

If you are interested in the process of applying for a US entry waiver on your own you can view the Department of Homeland Security page listed here.

US Entry Waiver Instructions 

Alternatively you can give us a call. We know what we’re doing and we confidently feel we prepare the best us entry waiver applications in the business.

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