Available RCMP Fingerprinting Services

Please help us find what you’re looking for. We offer a variety of RCMP fingerprinting services to accommodate all of your fingerprinting and background check requirements. If you do not see what you’re looking for simply give us a call and we will do our best to assist.

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RCMP Fingerprinting Information Canada

Fingerprinting is used to complete background checks and vulnerable sector checks in Canada via the RCMP Civil Fingerprint Division in Ottawa also  known as the Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS).

When your fingerprints are submitted they will be verified against the information contained in CPIC.

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What is CPIC?

The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) is the central repository of criminal records and other relevant information in Canada. It is Canada’s only national law enforcement networking computer system ensuring officers all across the country can access the same information.

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If you do not have any personal information recorded in CPIC it means that you do not have a criminal record at the national level. However, you may still have something on file with local police jurisdictions, court, etc.

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Getting Fingerprints to Obtain Your Criminal Record

If you have a criminal record fingerprinting services are used to retrieve your criminal record report from the RCMP, the details of which are stored in CPIC. The only way to retrieve this information for civil (non-criminal) purposes is to send your fingerprints to the RCMP for certification. Here is an example of an RCMP report that contains a criminal record.

Getting Fingerprinted

Fingerprinting can be done in person electronically or by standard ink on paper methods. Please note that the CCRTIS program does NOT accept ink based fingerprinting submissions except in cases where the applicant’s fingerprints cannot be taken electronically.

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Fingerprinting in Person

Walk in services are available at our offices located in downtown Montreal and Toronto.

Mobile Services at Your Chosen Location

In certain cases we are available to come to your location in order to provide fingerprinting services. Typically this is done for groups of ten or more but mobile fingerprinting is also included in our Executive Pardon and Waiver Service.

For more information on our mobile fingerprinting solutions please contact one of our Directors:

Michael Ashby

By phone: extension 227

Nicole Levesque

By phone: extension 221

Keri Wallis

By phone: extension 225

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Card Scan, International and Remote Location Services

Card scanning is for people who require digitized fingerprint solutions but are unable to visit one of our walk in centres. This is most commonly used by people who are living outside of Canada but require an RCMP certified background check. However it is also used by people who live in remote locations in Canada who do not have access to Live Scan Fingerprinting systems.

Card scan services work by providing us with a set of ink fingerprints that can normally be taken at your nearest police station. Once received your ink fingerprints are scanned, digitized and then submitted electronically to the RCMP CCRTIS division.

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International Services

Ink Fingerprint Services

In cases you may require a set of fingerprints taken the traditional way or rolling ink impression onto paper fingerprinting forms.

In Canada this is most commonly done for FBI certified background checks. We have FBI cards available in our office for this purpose. But you may require a set of ink fingerprints for other reasons. In these cases we can provide you with your fingerprints taken on RCMP C 216-C forms.

Service Fees

For information on the price of fingerprinting services at the National Pardon Centre click here:

Reason for Requesting your Fingerprint Certification

When requesting a fingerprint certification you must correctly identify the reason for the request. Our counsellors can assist you in determining the right option for you but it is ultimately your responsibility to know what type of request you require.

Fingerprint certifications can be submitted for any of the following:

  • Adoption (Canadian or International)
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Employment (Federal Government)
  • Employment (Other)
  • Employment (Police)
  • Employment (Private Industry)
  • Employment (Provincial Government)
  • Landed Immigrant Status
  • Name Change
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • Other (Specify Reason)
  • Pardon Application (Record Suspension)
  • Privacy Act Request (CMP-PPU-030)
  • Visa / Border Crossing / Foreign Travel / Work
  • Volunteer Employment

Vulnerable Sector Checks

Accredited agencies are able to assist ONLY with the fingerprinting portion of a Vulnerable Sector Check. But the process for a VS search MUST start and finish at your local police station. If the police jurisdiction in your area does not provide fingerprinting services they may refer you to us for this portion of the vulnerable sector search.

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Call us: 1-866-242-2411 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday

Processing times

The following time frames are averages only and are not strictly guaranteed by the CCTRIS program. However, at our electronic fingerprinting facilities in Montreal and Toronto we feel the RCMP does a very good job of responding within the expected time frames.

Electronic Submission

No criminal record to report: 3 days + Mailing Time

With criminal record report: Up to 120 days.

Paper Submissions

With or without criminal record to report: 22 Weeks

Vulnerable Sector Searches

For VS search processing times please see the following:


Direct Connect Accreditation

The National Pardon Centre is accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We were invited to participate in the pilot program that launched digital fingerprinting in Canada and we currently maintain one of only 6 servers in Canada connected directly to the CCRTIS program for fingerprinting purposes.

Our Clients

There are many reasons you may be required to obtain fingerprints in Canada.  It can be anything from foreign visa applications to workplace background checks.

The National Pardon Centre helps clients from all over the world submit digital fingerprints to the RCMP or obtain a set of ink fingerprints for reasons such as foreign visa applications or workplace background checks.

Requirements for On Site Services

We require you to bring two pieces of government issued identification. If you have any questions about our fingerprinting service simply contact one of our experts today. Or simply drop into one of our offices. Our friendly fingerprinting technicians are happy to help.

Acceptable forms of Identification include anything that was issued by a government agency. Examples include:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Immigration Document(s): Citizenship Card, Landed Papers, Permanent Resident’s Card, Work Permit, etc.
  • Provincial Identification Card

Need more information?

If the above information hasn’t answered your questions please browse our FAQ page. Otherwise get in touch with a counsellor at the National Pardon Centre so that we can assist you.


Call us: 1-866-242-2411 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday