Fingerprinting In Canada

Fingerprinting is used to complete background checks and vulnerable sector checks in Canada via the RCMP Civil Fingerprinting Division in Ottawa. Your fingerprints are submitted to the RCMP where they will be verified against the fingerprints that are on file.

If you do not have fingerprints on file with the RCMP it means that you do not have a criminal record. In this case fingerprinting is used to determine that there are no prints on file for yours to be matched with. You will then be provided with a clear criminal record check proving that you do not have a criminal record.

Our Locations

We offer live scan fingerprinting in Montreal and Toronto. We provide mobile fingerprinting in the surrounding areas.

Card scan fingerprinting is provided anywhere in the world.

Fingerprinting to Obtain Your Criminal Record

If you do have a criminal record fingerprinting services are used to retrieve the criminal record from the RCMP. The details of your criminal record are stored in CPIC. The only way to retrieve this information for civil (non-criminal) purposes is to send your fingerprints to the RCMP for certification.

Here is an example of an RCMP report that contains a criminal record.

Submitting Your Fingerprints to the RCMP

Fingerprints must be submitted to the RCMP electronically by a police agency or an RCMP Accredited Fingerprinting Agency. Ink based fingerprinting services are no longer accepted unless you have a condition that makes it impossible to take your prints electronically.

Direct Connect Fingerprinting Accreditation

The National Pardon Centre is accredited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We are able to take your fingerprints electronically on our live scan devices in our Montreal and Toronto walk in centres.

If you do not live close to these offices we can scan ink fingerprints with our card scan device and have them sent digitally to the RCMP on your behalf.

Types of Fingerprinting Services

On Site Electronic Fingerprinting

The National Pardon Centre is RCMP-accredited and employs a dedicated server connected directly to the RCMP Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services Division in Ottawa for fast and secure digital fingerprinting submissions.

On Site Ink Fingerprinting

We provide both official RCMP C216 C and FBI FD258 fingerprinting forms in our offices for clients requiring traditional ink-and-rolls fingerprint cards, often requested to submit for a foreign police certificate.

Card Scan: International and Remote Fingerprinting

Individuals requiring an RCMP certified Canadian records check while travelling or living abroad can take advantage of our international fingerprinting service. We are able to digitize ink fingerprinting forms for direct submission to and certification by the RCMP in Ottawa.

Mobile Fingerprinting

If a group from your organization requires fingerprinting there is no need to lose a minute of productivity. Experienced, friendly National Pardon Centre staff are available to come directly to your offices in the Montreal or Toronto areas for your fingerprinting needs.

Our Clients

There are many reasons you may be required to obtain fingerprints in Canada.  It can be anything from foreign visa applications to workplace background checks.

National Pardon Centre helps clients from all over the world submit digital fingerprints to the RCMP or obtain a set of ink fingerprints for reasons such as foreign visa applications or workplace background checks.

Fingerprinting is also the first step in both a pardon and a waiver application. Anyone applying for either of these services will need to have their fingerprints taken. Some additional reasons an individual may require fingerprinting for a Canadian background check or foreign police certificate may include:

  • Visas and Border Crossing
  • Employment Screening
  • Obtaining a Business License
  • Child Adoption
  • Legal Name Change
  • Security Clearance
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension)
  • Immigration or Permanent Residency Application


Requirements for On Site Fingerprinting

We require you to bring two pieces of government issued identification. If you have any questions about our fingerprinting service simply contact one of our experts today. Or you can drop into one of our offices. Our friendly fingerprinting technicians are happy to help.

Call us: 1-866-242-2411 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday