** ADVANCE FOR MONDAY APRIL 27 ** FILE-In this Jan. 31, 2008, file photo, a traveler presents documents at the U.S. border crossing in Highgate Springs, Vt.  The head of the federal agency charged with protecting the nation's borders says agents turned away from the United States 116 people on the nation's terrorist watch list in the last three months of 2008. Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Jayson Ahearn wouldn't say if any of those cases came from Vermont's border with Canada, or even the northeast, nor would he say if any of the individuals were prosecuted on terrorism charges. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)

I-94 Forms

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When Canadians travelling with a US entry waiver enter the United States by land they are typically issued an I-94 card which is stapled into their passport. The card is not issued to travellers who enter the country by sea or air. We don’t know why. The I-94 is sometimes…

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File Destruction

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Information on getting a File Destruction in Canada When you are arrested and charged by the police you may still be found not guilty in a court of law. If so the charges could be dismissed, withdrawn or stayed. Alternatively you may a diversion. You could also receive a peace…

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