Criminal Records and Employment

Anyone with a Canadian criminal record should consider themselves at a disadvantage when competing for employment opportunities. A fact of Canadian society is that many job opportunities are simply not attainable, regardless of qualifications, to persons with a criminal record. Similarly, people with a Canadian criminal record will be considered last when competing for jobs that do not require a criminal record search.

When choosing a career path, candidates with a past that is problematic should consider that the following career choices require criminal record searches to be performed for all potential candidates.

  • Investment
  • Banking
  • Daycare (any career involving the supervision of children)
  • Government (any position within)
  • Insurance
  • Teaching (any position within an educational facility)
  • Volunteer work
  • Couriers
  • Hospital or health care position
  • Firefighting
  • Police
  • Legal
  • Taxi Driving
  • Massage therapy
  • Social Workers
  • Dentistry
  • Security
  • Medicine and Health, nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Correctional Centres
  • Cashier
  • And more

What to do

Once a pardon / record suspension has been granted and the criminal records have been removed, restrictions no longer exist and applications for these careers can be made without risk of refusal based on past criminal misconduct.

If you are thinking of starting a career that requires a criminal record search the best thing to do is to apply for a record suspension pardon. You can then wait until the application is completed before applying for certain job opportunities. However, if it is absolutely necessary to apply before the pardon is granted we will provide letters of reference (at no cost) stating that steps are being taken to remove the criminal file.

Starting a pardon application is always a positive step to take in improving oneself. It is also seen by employers as a sign of responsibility.

Typical Results

Applicants often find that once their pardon has been granted, opportunities (for employment or otherwise) arise which would have previously seemed impossible. The removal of a Canadian criminal record is invaluable when considering a career, even if the chosen path does not require a criminal record search.

Not only does the elimination of a Canadian criminal record open doors which were previously closed, it also provides peace of mind and a sense of confidence. The value of an increased sense of self worth should not be underestimated, particularly during the job hunting and interview processes. It is also valuable for those already in the work force who wish to advance within their company. Sometimes an increased sense of self esteem is all that stands between you and achieving your goals.

If your career is suffering from the existence of a Canadian criminal record, contact the National Pardon Centre and begin a pardon application. Removing Canadian criminal records is the first step to take in improving your job opportunities or career position.