Criminal Record Checks

There are two main types of criminal record checks in Canada. Standard Criminal Record Checks and Vulnerable Sector Checks. To learn more about what information is revealed in a criminal record check click here.

  • Criminal Record check: This type of check verifies whether the individual has a criminal record. It is the most common type of criminal record check that commonly is used to conduct background screening for employment and other purposes. A criminal record check of this kind will not disclose pardoned criminal record information that has been removed from CPIC.
  • Vulnerable Sector (VS) check: A vulnerable check is a little bit more extensive. With this type of check pardoned sexual offence information and local police records information is also reviewed. A vulnerable sector check is used for screening employees who will be in a position of authority over youth or other persons who are considered at a disadvantage or “vulnerable”.

To perform a standard criminal record check that does not include a VS search there are two methods – Fingerprinting or Name / Date of Birth Check. Both of these checks search the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) for the relevant information.

At the National Pardon Centre we do not employ Name / DOB checks since the results cannot be used for pardon / waiver applications or any other official government purpose.

Although name / DOB may still be accepted for some private employment purposes the results are so unreliable that the procedure is soon to be phased out in Canada.

Fingerprinting on the other hand is the most comprehensive way to perform a criminal record check in Canada since it eliminates the possibility of a mixed match. To learn more click here.

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