Good news for pardon applicants currently residing in British Columbia and Ontario. The Parole Board of Canada is upholding recent court decisions in those provinces which found retroactive changes to the pardon program under Stephen Harper and the Conservative’s ‘tough on crime’ stance to be unconstitutional. Bill C-10, which came into full effect as ofRead More
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Parole Board Launches Online Consultation on Record Suspensions

Yesterday the Parole Board of Canada launched the public consultation on record suspensions and pardons. Please take a moment to complete the survey and provide your input. In person consultations have, strangely enough, been taking place since September (at least that’s what the website says) but I’ve submitted my request to participate anyway. Please takeRead More
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The Tories Were Wrong on Pardons. Let’s Hope the Grits Get it Right.

Shortly after the Liberal Government was elected Ralph Goodale – the New Minister of Public Safety – announced a complete review of the pardon program. It was urgently needed due to the heavy handed changes made under the previous Conservative government. Tough on Crime Costs Everyone The changes that were made to the pardon programRead More
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When will the pardon laws change? Conservative crime laws to be reversed by Liberal Government.

When Stephen Harper was defeated in the last election many of us in the criminal justice community breathed a sigh of relief. For ten years the Conservatives had attacked Canadian crime law with a clear disdain for sensible, evidence based solutions. Whether it was eliminating Pardons, killing the Faint Hope Clause, pushing mandatory minimum sentencesRead More
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