Federal Pardon Waiver Services

This post refers specifically to the company operating under the name Federal Pardon Waiver Services but is also a commentary on the general problems associated with this industry. If you want an honest team give me a call. At the National Pardon Centre your file is in good (and honest) hands.

Unfortunately I’m forced to discuss the various problems and scams associated with the pardon and waiver services industry too often.  Obviously I wish I didn’t have to but if I can help just a few people by doing so then the effort is worth it.

Federal Pardon Waiver Services: The number one company I’m getting complaints about these days is from Federal Pardon Waivers Services which operates a number of misleading websites and is also serving fraudulent ads on Facebook. Since I’m getting a little tired of this story I thought I would share the misleading information and clearly explain it in the hopes of helping a few more people avoid the trap.

Below is one of the websites operated by Federal Pardon Waivers Services. The problem on this website is the claim that the conservative government is proposing to eliminate pardons. This is simply not true. For more information on this see the following blog post: The Truth about Bill C23B.

In a nutshell the Conservatives renamed pardons to record suspensions but it’s still the same thing. The changes also took place more than a year ago at the time of writing.

Federal Pardon Waiver Services

Notice how the website has no contact page. Instead it has an online form so simple it’s almost impossible to avoid filling it out. Once the contact information is obtained you can be sure you will be receiving a call from a sales person who likely has no interest in giving you accurate information. In case I haven’t been clear yet Federal Pardon Waivers Services should be avoided.

Next is another website operated by the same person. At least this time there is a contact page. Unfortunately there is also the same fraudulent claim on the home page serving as bait for uninformed users. Let me be clear one more time. There is no legislation being tabled that could eliminate pardons. For a clear and honest discussion of this issue click here.

Provincial Pardon Waiver Services

After spending a bit of time on Federal Pardon Waiver Services’ website I had had enough and click the browser closed. But when I did look at what popped up. Just one more chance to try and mislead people. Let me be perfectly clear….again. This is not just misleading. Misleading would be telling people they can no longer get a pardon, when in fact the term pardon has just been replaced by record suspension. It’s not quite fraud, but it’s sure not the truth. This ad on the other hand tells people they can no longer clear their criminal record because pardons are being eliminated.

Federal Pardon and Waiver Services

Unfortunately I just don’t have enough time in the day to listen to all the people who have been misled by Federal Pardon Waiver Services, hence this blog post. If you have a story about this company or any other please feel free to comment below. One day the industry will become regulated and this kind of operation will have a lot more difficulty.

For now we’re stuck with the same old problem. The only solution is to educate yourself and stay informed. A pardon is simply too important to leave in the hands of those who would try to take advantage of you.

And finally if you really need to talk or just want an honest evaluation give me a call. I’m happy to explain the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


Michael Ashby

514.842.2411 x 227

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Michael Ashby is Co-Founder and Communications Director for the National Pardon Centre. Get in touch with Michael by sending an email to mashby@nationalpardon.org or calling extension 227.Michael Ashby est le co-fondateur et le directeur des communications au Centre du Pardon national. Contactez Michael par email au mashby@nationalpardon.org ou par téléphone au poste 227.


  • tom says:

    Yes. I know and understand that there are companies out there that prey on the pardon/suspension system. I paid another company 400 dollars 10 years ago and got nothing back…so finally, I found this company and gave it another try to get a pardon 5 years back. I finally got the pardon, and the people I was working was secretive as I have asked them to. I asked them not to leave messages on machines so on and so forth. They respected my privacy, who would openly tell people they used to have a criminal record or even received a pardon. ?One thing to always remember is that if you HAVE a pardon/record suspension, always say NO to criminal record. I have stayed away from the border before my pardon, I even waited one extra year after the pardon. I’m in no way connected to nationalpardon, but hope my comments/pardon help someone straighten our their life as it did mine.

  • Allen says:

    I have dealt with Federal pardon waiver services and did not seem to have any problems. Received my pardon 2 months ago.

    • Hi Allen,

      Congratulations on getting your pardon, assuming you are not a member of their staff. My concern is the fraudulent information on their websites that misleads people and scares them into signing up. I have no knowledge that isn’t second hand concerning their procedures or lack thereof.

      The websites, on the other hand, have been reported to the RCMP fraud investigations department.

      Kind regards,


  • George says:

    These guys are a scam. Going through right now trying to get money back that they took when they were told not too. Could never get them on the phone and they hardly ever called back and when they did it was a week or more later and they gave me the run around. I can not tell you how much I dis like this company. Do not use them. They will take your money even when you tell them you do not want to continue. I reported them to my CC company and the Better Business Bureau!

    • Hi George,

      Sorry you had such a miserable experience. If you are looking for someone to handle your file properly give me a call. I can’t promise it will happen overnight but I can promise there will be a clearly agreed upon fee, with no surprises and that we will not only return your calls but take them right away whenever possible. And we certainly will not charge your credit card without permission.

      Kind regards,


  • Tom Roski says:

    I to am trying to get my money back, I tried to get a Waiver after being Red Flagged at the border even though I’ve had a Pardon since 1995. I’ve had nothing but a run around, sending me the wrong forms,telling me my phones been disconnected, can never get a hold of anyone and also informing me to get my last 3 years Tax returns & 6 months bank statements together which I was never informed from the beginning of this scam and will not agree on anyway. I did have a call from there head scammer who basically laughed at me. My C.C. Has been changed and they’re people are investigating. Tom

  • brian says:

    just went to gety my fingerprints done at rcmp, they told me they had never heard of this place and gave me the proper forms to fill out, now i have to stop them from tapping my credit card again!

    • Michael Ashby says:

      Hi Brian,

      You can certainly handle the paperwork on your own. If you need any help moving forward feel free to give me a call.

      514.842.2411 x 227

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