How Being Bondable Helps You Get Hired

What Does Bondable Mean in Canada? How Being Bondable Helps You Get Hired

Why Does “Are You Bondable?” Appear On Job Applications? Being bondable is something you’ll see when applying for jobs. In many fields, employers require the people they hire be bondable before they can move ahead with hiring. Knowing if you are bondable matters because this tells any job you are deemed “trustworthy”. Hiring is aRead More
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Certified FBI background check

How to Do a Free Background Check on Someone in Canada

Whether it’s to obtain information about a potential employee, caregiver or even a romantic partner, background checks are a useful tool at anyone’s disposal. Running a free background check on someone is a perfectly valid course of action and shouldn’t be approached with any hesitation or negative connotations, such as being paranoid or invasive. ThatRead More
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Criminal Background Check : A quick, easy and effective method

With the incoming season of part-time student jobs, and the new laws regulating domestic animals in Montreal, there is a growing demand for criminal background checks. The SPVM recently admitted they were overwhelmed with the number of demands and that they were running behind. Specifically they are delayed in the processing of 11 732 requests.Read More
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If I have received a pardon from the government of Canada will the charges still show up on a criminal record background search?

This is a common question we receive at the National Pardon Centre but it a question that is easily answered. If you complete a pardon application – and if it is awarded by the government of Canada – then subsequent background checks will NOT reveal any information. Furthermore, the criminal background check results will notRead More
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Getting a Criminal Record Background Check by Name and Birth Date Search

If you require a criminal record background check it is most likely that you are looking for work and have received on offer for employment. Many companies today require that all employees perform criminal record checks prior to hiring the candidate. But you may also require a criminal record check for immigration, volunteer work, educationalRead More
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