BC Woman vs. Mountain Biking

Ever think you were right when most people thought you were wrong? It’s happened to me but luckily it was never a situation that ended with me being arrested.

An arrest however, is just what happened to a BC woman turned anti-mountain biking activist when two citizens filmed her intentionally sabotaging a network of trails in North Vancouver, at least one of which appears to have been intended for use by mountain bikers.

If you dislike sharing trails networks with mountain bikers – or anyone else who doesn’t share your preferred method of transportation – it’s easy to sympathize with this person. After all who wants to be interrupted by a group of rowdy bikers when out for a relaxing stroll in the woods?

On the other hand it really is illegal to take matters like this into your own hands but that is exactly what this woman did. She intentionally placed logs and rocks on the trails hoping only to “slow them down” rather than cause any injury. But imagine placing rocks or logs in the middle of a street and then telling the police that you only did it because your neighbour drives too fast.

If you don’t ride a mountain bike it’s probably hard to understand how dangerous this can be. And that’s why RCMP officers have recommended that she be charged with setting a trap and causing mischief to property.

It is not my intention to take sides in this debate but rather to point out how easy it is to get arrested, charged and then saddled with a criminal record. If convicted it will be a minimum of 5 years before she can apply for a pardon.

This kind of thing happens all the time. It can even happen when you think you’re doing the right thing. But its really not worth it. If you think you have reason to be concerned for your safety or the safety of others it is best to inform the police.

Imagine if everyone started setting traps in the woods.

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