Bill 88: Quebec

Anyone working in anything remotely security related in Quebec will have to perform background checks in addition to paying extra fees (who would have thought?) for a permit. The bill adopted four years ago came into effect recently and one thing that is clear is anyone with a criminal record will have to have it pardoned before the permit can be issued.

The National Pardon Centre is able to fingerprint you onsite, obtain your background check and, if a record does show up, we can take care of that too. Don’t delay. A criminal record can seriously affect your life at any time.  And it is definitely not worth risking your job when it can be pardoned fairly easily.

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Devastated / September 7, 2011

Its sad how recklessly and carelessly the legal profession treats human beings. One of the basic lessons of life is that forgiveness is an essential ingredient to having a good life. Forgiveness has not been built into our legal system, so it is going to cost our society everything. All people are valuable, but not according to attorneys. According to them, people seem to be disposable objects. Dreams are crushed and people are permanently stigmatized, ostracized and left on the sidelines of life.

My life had been a total disaster from the beginning. I know most don’t even care about stuff like this, so I will write this for me. My father began to abuse me when I was about four years old. He did not hit me because I was bad, he seemed to be doing it for his own personal enjoyment, because he would grin and smirk when he hit me. I remember being made to stand in the corner when I was a very small child for 3 to 4 hours at a time. Thats how the abuse started out anyways, but it graduated to far more serious things.

This is not going to be a pleasant thing to hear, but I need to get this out. My father sometimes would punch me and backhand me in the head, really hard, over and over again. When he spanked me, he would not stop doing it until I stopped crying. When he hit me in the face, he would make me stand straight with my arms at my sides, and he would repeatedly slap me in the face, and I had to not flinch or he would hit me again. I was not even allow to have a facial expression about it, and if I did, I would get hit again.

What I went through has had serious negative effects on my life. I always tell people who judge me that they have no idea what they are talking about, even if they have advanced degrees or whatever, because they really don’t. They have no idea what they are talking about just like a person who reads about playing the violin doesn’t know a thing about actually playing the violin, and so forth. Even people who have been abused themselves do this out of some warped sense of bravado. “I went through awful abuse and I didn’t do ….. bla, bla, bla.” But sometimes I don’t think they have a very good sense of what awful even means.

Okay, now some very unpleasant stuff … I had some tumors in my neck when I was 12 that needed to be removed. So I had surgery at the local hospital here. I had lost a lot of blood during the surgery, even though it was under a local, and I felt really faint and passed out near the exit of the hospital, fell to the floor. Nobody even saw this, so I just got up after like a minute, then just walked out to the car where my parents were waiting. Then we went for ice cream at Denny’s. While there, we were sitting in a booth, and I fell asleep on my Mom’s shoulder. Then I awoke to the feeling of my Dad hitting me because I fell asleep and saying that I shouldn’t be a p**sy. He hit me in the neck and the face a couple times. The force of the hit broke several of the stiches, I had checked in the mirror because I knew there was something wrong because after he hit me I could feel blood instantly pouring out of my neck into the bandage. So as soon as I got home, I checked under the bandage and saw that they were broke. So I was so scared what might happen to me if my Dad found out about this, that I sewed it back up myself, which obviously hurt really bad. But at the time it seemed like a good idea.

So, continuing on, my father knocked me unconscious at least 15 times that I can think of, probably physically abused me around 750 times over the course of fourteen years, until about a month before he died. There are some things that I still can’t even talk about.

He never truly made any amends with me for what he had done to me. He did say “I’m sorry” many times, but that doesn’t even count with me anymore. A true apology would have been an effort to change. He never did that.

My mother never did anything to help me. I resented her for years afterwards. She sometimes would apologize for him, which I think did more harm than good. And when I got older, she would say things like, I can’t believe none of you boys ever did anything to help me – further putting the blame not only for our abuse, but for her abuse as well, on us. Was she not the adult and I not the child in that situation?

Now that I’m in my 40′s, I understand that she was also a victim in that situation, and I have forgiven her now. But at the time, it hardly even felt that way. She was supposed to protect me, but she didn’t. I suppose the hardest part of dealing with this is that I couldn’t accept the fact that my father did not love me. People don’t hit people that they love, period.

My adult life started out a disaster. When I was 18 I went to college, but outside of there, I did illegal things and a lot of thrill seeking, drinking, anything to bury how hurt, unhappy, damaged and confused I was. This earned me a record and a ruined life. Even though I was labelled intellectually gifted in school, because of all these things I did, I lost out on all the good stuff I had worked hard for. I don’t think things will ever change.

The worst thing about a criminal stigmatization is that it often prevents a person from ever knowing love again. It often denies a human being the basic human experience that God intended for the person.

The cruelty of placing a permanent criminal record on a person is that they will forever feel inferior, unwanted, out of place in this world, sometimes even they feel suicide is the only way to solve the problem. Maybe there is actually some truth to that, because the problem cannot be “solved”. There is nothing they can do, there is no solution. They must forever have this past mistake rubbed in their faces like poop in a dog’s face. That seems damn cruel to me and my concern now that our economy is collapsing is that all these legally handicapped people are going to have increasingly difficult time finding work and many will feel a burden on their families and end up committing suicide.

I want to draw your attention to something. Everyone with a morsel of intelligence knows that the legal profession makes its bread and butter demonizing and imprisoning the mentally ill. Many of these people are bipolar, or what have you. Whatever the case, these “criminals” as like to call them, are nonetheless the very individuals that are the true experts at thinking out of the box. Many of the millions of people in prison are the victims of circumstances, and if those circumstances had been different, would be better leaders and attorneys than those currently holding thise positions. Mind you, nearly ALL of the important discoveries and best events in history were made or lead by someone who had an obvious mental illness. That is a fact that cannot be denied.

So the moral of the story is that it appears to many of us that the status quo is taking this country down to path to Hell. It actually isn’t the so-called “criminals” and “scumbags” that are destroying this country, it is being done by the so-called respectable people, the ones that are living off the backs of the taxpayers. Increasingly, the true talent in our society is being obliterated, while the politicians pass hate-filled draconian laws for no other reason but to impress the hate-filled average American moron who lusts to bring harm to another. It makes some people feel good to lower the dignity of another human being. Law enforcement and Law itself are fields that are jam-packed with people such as that, crammed with sadists. I find it humorous that such people think they can make it in this world without people like us. They have no idea what they are doing. Its like they are blind. They just can’t see they are biting the very hand that feeds them. Silly parasites.

So whatever possessed the powers that be that building a police state was going to do our society any good? I find that humorous. Some people apparently have never been outside of this country. This is surely not the home of the free anymore, let me tell you! You know, its kind of shocking the contrast between how free people are in places like Brazil. It took me a couple of days to think of what that feeling reminded me of. It reminded me of what things were like here when I was a small kid. It was like America used to be. I don’t even recognize America anymore. Even when I was working in Europe, I got visited by IRS agents demanding payment. I couldn’t believe it, but yes, we are required to pay taxes to the US government even when we are outside the country working for non-US companies, for ten years after we get rid of our US citizenship, if we were to do that. But we can’t do that anymore, because they always call you nuts if you try from what i’ve been told, which allows them to deny you the right to do that now. Now the sad thing is that most people don’t even realize that they cannot leave the US anymore. We are trapped here. The Bush administration accomplished this through the passage of those new expat taxation laws. There is no longer any country on Earth that wants to import American workers. They simply don’t exist. Why would they? This effect was not unthought of, it was not unintended. You cannot leave here, okay. And the taxation law makes one painful-to-think-about fact, clear. The U.S. government owns you. You are a worker. A U.S. worker. They OWN you, period. You cannot leave forever and “get away” that way either, because the U.S. government bribed every country on Earth to ratify extradition treaties in case you don’t pay taxes to the U.S. government. They have place their own money and power before your liberty. In effect, you are no longer free. Sorry.

But is this not a form of ironic justice? Was it not the voters that put these cruel people into office, hoping they would do cruel things to certain groups of people, to which they don’t belong, of course. Isn’t it ironic that they themselves are now in a prison and don’t even realize it (yet).

So most people will think I’m nuts saying these things, but I’ve done a lot of exploring of this world, and these things I came to realize on my own. What is happening in this country is an awful thing.. But what is to come is far, far worse. FAR WORSE. So we shall see how what this older generation has done to us pans out. I don’t think this is going to be pretty. Its not going to be pretty, nor is history going to remember them well. It was the worst generation of Americans. They abused us, created a massive prison industrial complex for us, put us in it, then put it on the stock market for profit to fill their coffers for their retirements. They kept our borders open to the worst sorts of murderous criminals and did not protect us from them as was their duty. But I can’t understand why such an awful, selfish generation would have followed such a great generation, the one that fought WW2. I don’t get it. Maybe the baby boomers had it way too good growing up. They sure are a selfish self-serving bunch. We shall see how this all ends. I don’t think this is going to be pretty, but something has to give. The abuse level of the older generation on the younger generation, I just don’t know. Maybe justice will come from above.


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