Canadian Pardon Services is Closed

It appears that yet another pardon service provider has closed it’s doors. In business since about 2006 Canadian Pardon Services could usually be found at But that url now directs to And their phone number is also no longer in service. This is the company that operated at the following location:

206 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T 2C2

The website redirect is hardly surprising since I thought they would shut down the old website eventually. But the toll free line being out of commission is definitely strange. After all, you can’t run a business without a phone (at least most can’t).

I also spoke to one of their former clients who had been to their walk in centre and he informed me that the office has been emptied. So as much as I don’t need to say “I told you so” in a situation like this I think it is important that people do their research. In other words, when you’re choosing a pardon service – or any service for that matter – make sure the company you’re hiring is reputable.

As an example of where to start simply see the reviews of Canadian Pardon Services below. A bit or research online could have saved a lot of people a lot of trouble.

Canadian Pardon Services – Reviews

Sadly all of this will mean that a lot of people who put their faith in Canadian Pardon Services will be out of luck. If you happen to be one of those people and you would like to try to get this done properly I am offering a $75 discount on our services (proof of payment with CPS required).

I suppose it is also remotely possible that Canadian Pardon Services is simply restructuring. If so I suggest someone from that company get in touch and let me know what is going on so that I can take this post down. Otherwise I suggest they do the right thing and give people their money back. If that’s not possible at least hand over their documentation, if any exists.

And once again, please be careful who you hire. And if you have any need of assistance with this problem or any other that relates to the pardons, waivers, fingerprinting or criminal records please feel free to give me a call. I’m not going anywhere.

Michael Ashby

514.842.2411 x 227



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Pat Donovan / May 10, 2016

I was waiting for my documents for
or documents with the title of RECORD SUSPENSION SERVICES OF CANADA
or same company Canadian Pardon Services
The address of 206 Spadina Avenue, Toronto Ontario apllies to all of the above.
They were paid in advance to the tune of $1700 to $1800 dollars plus $100 dollars for the prints sent to Ottawa.
They stated the process would take a year and now 17 months later they do not exist. Sad joke and hugely expensive.
The deal was to seal the Canadian records and US waiver forms.
I completed everything on my end, forms, finger printing and made contact a few times.
Who can actually do something in this regard to make things right.

Michael Ashby / May 11, 2016

HI Pat,

The only thing you could realistically do is call your credit card company and initiate a charge back. Then if you would like things handled properly feel free to give me a call.

Kind regards,

514.842.2411 x 227

Bill watt / June 18, 2016

Just been taken for a lot of money by these jerks , seems to be a pretty good scam ! I would like to ask your opinion on wether or not it makes any sense to ask these guys for my files , I cant reach them by phone or email of course but the new company (one in my own city where I can actually walk in the office and see them ) asked me to see if I could . I was at the point of sending the 631 to the parole board when this crap happened and I’m really not sure how to go about getting them . Also in your opinion ,does it make sense to go after these creeps for fraud ? Thanks Bill

Lee-Ann Bruce / January 18, 2017

Omg this is a nightmare for me …….. I’m terminally ill i need a pardon for medical treatment in the USA…… Ive sent over a thousand dollars to this company and Ive been waiting on a response between my health and them not getting in touch Im here now leaving a reply. They just called me not to long ago to give more money and asked me for the last 10 yrs of my addresses again. So Im out my Pardon I went into debt over this. !!! Im off work sick not working. Can they just do this to ppl !!!

Michael Ashby / January 19, 2017

Hi lee-Ann,

I”m sorry to hear that. Sadly I hear it all the time. If you would like to give me a call I would be happy to discuss your options. But in the meantime I strongly advise against giving any more money to them. If nothing else please speak to me first so I can help you establish if this company is doing any work at all on your behalf.

I can be reached at 1-866-242-2411 x 227

I am not the easiest to reach at the moment so you could also try my partner Nicole Levesque at ext 221.

kind regards,

Michael Ashby


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