Do I Need a Pardon to Remove My Criminal Record?

Two of the most common questions we are asked at the National Pardon Centre are do I have a criminal record and/or do I need a pardon? If you have been to court you have a criminal record and you are most likely in need of a pardon.

Depending on the outcome you may require a purge and file destruction instead of a pardon. In any case, starting the application process today is the first step in removing your criminal record.

The Parole Board of Canada is the governing body that grants pardons and the application process involves paperwork that is intricate, tedious and time consuming. Your application must be done right or it will be rejected and returned and then you will have to start over at the beginning. Furthermore, if your pardon application is rejected you will have to pay a fee.

The National Pardon Centre takes care of the application process for you. We ensure your highest possible chance of securing a pardon and removing your criminal record.

Trying to find work in a downturn economy is hard enough but trying to get a job in today’s economy if you have a criminal record is a real struggle. More and more companies require background checks and security clearance before committing to hiring an employee.

There is great value in eliminating your criminal record. Even minor offences like shoplifting, DUI and marijuana possession will make you ineligible for certain jobs and place restrictions on your ability to travel.

If you have a criminal record, apply for a pardon today and remove the restrictions on your life and livelihood.


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background checks / January 2, 2012

Hi it’s me, I am also visiting this web site regularly, this site is actually good and the people are genuinely sharing good thoughts.

Michael Ashby / January 3, 2012

Thank you for the support. We do our best.

Happy new year to you.

Michael Ashby


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