Drugs at the Border

One of the things that will certainly get you barred from entering the United States is having illegal drugs on you. In fact, even having drug paraphernalia will land you in hot water and could very easily end with you being denied entry to the United States.

Of course this should be common sense. Recreational drugs are illegal in both the United States and Canada so having them on you can easily land you in more trouble than simply being turned away from the US border. But still we have many clients who require a US entry waiver not because they have a criminal record in Canada, but because they thought they could sneak drugs into another country.

Let’s be clear on this. If you are caught with drugs at the border it will be handled very seriously. Even a very small amount of marijuana is enough reason for you to be arrested.

In my experience from listening to stories if this happening at the border being caught with a small amount of weed is probably not going to land you a jail sentence. Most likely you will be required to appear in court (hopefully the same day) you will be found guilty and sent home. From then on you will need a US entry waiver to return.

Bear in mind the American government treats drug crimes very seriously. If you are caught with a more dangerous substance of you are caught with enough to warrant a trafficking offence you could be in serious trouble indeed. Not being able to cross the border could easily be the least of your worries.

The solution to this and many other problems in life is to not put yourself in a position where this could happen to you. In other words, don’t bring drugs across the border.



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