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Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol – DUI Canada

Have you ever been hit by a drunk driver? In Canada 578 drunken collisions occur every day. Not all are serious but some are. You should hope it never happens to you.

DUI - Handcuffs

DUI Canada- What Does It Mean?

Since drunken collisions occur so often it follows that you probably know someone who has been charged with a DUI offence. If you are reading this post there is a good chance it’s happened to you.  If so you will want to know where you stand.

DUI is a criminal offence that comes with a criminal record and it will negatively affect your life. Of course, when it comes to drunk driving a criminal record can often be the least of your worries. You will lose your license for a minimum of 1 year and you will likely face a hefty fine. You will also need to wait a minimum of 1 year before becoming eligible for a pardon.

What Doesn’t Happen?

Contrary to popular belief, having one driving under the influence or related offence will not make you unable to travel to the United States.  You can cross the border freely into the States with one impaired charge. If you have more than a single offence things get complicated.

Next to employment travel is often the first thing people worry about when they have a criminal record. But the truth is with a single DUI charge American law says you can you still cross the border legally. So don’t go and cancel

DUI- Vegas

that trip to Vegas.

What Else Do I need To Know?

If the United States doesn’t care about your DUI charge who does? Canadian employers, universities, and charity/volunteer organizations will certainly care. A criminal record check is now required routinely in Canada from these organizations.  Whether it’s for a job or volunteering for your son’s baseball team, criminal record checks are becoming the norm.

Often a clear record is a requirement, and if it’s not, unfortunately it might influence someone before they know how qualified you really are.

DUI Canada- What To Do?

Don’t wait until you need a pardon. Be proactive and start the process now. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. We offer FREE consultations, and we’re here to help!

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Counsellor – National Pardon Centre

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