AFIS Fingerprinting – Exciting Day at the National Pardon Centre

Well today at the National Pardon Centre we are all very excited because for the past few years we have been waiting patiently for our AFIS accreditation from the RCMP and Public Works Canada. This has been an ongoing project that has taken more than a little bit longer than expected. But such is the norm in both technology projects and anything involving the government. At least that is my experience.

After waiting very patiently (I don’t allow myself to be pushy with the RCMP or the government) it looks like we might just be moving forward. Today we have a representative from Government Services Canada coming to do a site inspection on our premises. And as far as I know getting approval on the site inspection is a big step forward in this process.

As frustrating as the long wait has been I have to say that all of the people I have dealt with along that way have been extremely pleasant. And I never felt for a moment that the delay was caused by imcompetence or indifference (as I have with some other projects in the private sector). It’s just that there is a process when you work with public funds and everything has to follow that process.

So as long as its been with a little luck its coming to an end. Who said it again? This might not be the beginning of the end, but at least it is the end of the beginning.


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Duane / February 26, 2009

Congrats on the site review.

You deserve it for sure.

Keep up the great work and keep helping those in need.


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