Federal Pardon Waivers Canada

Apparently this company also goes by the name of Edmonton Pardons, among many others. You may want to read the following post I’ve done.

Federal Pardon Waiver Services

It is probably the number one company on our radar right now and the only one (I am aware of right now) that insists on continuing the misleading sales tactic whereby they convince people that pardons are running out.

Here’s an example. I hope people are smart enough to pick up on the fact that Edmonton Pardons website does not direct to a company called Edmonton Pardons. Instead it redirects to Federal Pardon Waivers Canada. This should be a red flag for anyone looking to find a legitimate pardon company.


Federal Pardon Waiver Serivces
Federal Pardon Waivers Canada is intentionally misleading unsuspecting Canadians.


I suppose it makes for an easy sale at Federal Pardon Waivers Canada but it sure seems like a headache down the road. Tricking people whose criminal record is already stressing them out is a pretty heartless move in my opinion.

I guess a really good sales person has to a bit heartless. After all, the sale is the ultimate goal and it’s important not to let anything distract from that. I hate to be cynical about these things but after seeing so many companies operating just like Federal Pardon Waivers Canada it’s hard not to be.

The problem with this kind of sales approach is that you still have to deal with these people down the road (plus from the moral dilemma that most of us would feel). And in the case of a pardon or waiver preparation it can take months, even years.

It’s also kind of a big deal for the people pursuing a pardon application. It’s not like they are waiting in line for a can of soup. They are trying to get on with their lives, support their families, travel to see loved ones or seek medical attention. And the list goes on. It’s not about fun. It’s about putting your life back together.

This is why I just can’t understand why companies like Federal Pardon Waivers Canada would want to start that all off by lying to their clients, just to make it a bit easier to sell. I’m sure I could bring in a lot more sales if I routinely misled people but it doesn’t strike me as the way to build a business that will thrive.

So please be careful. Don’t fall for ticks like the one below:


Federal Pardon Waivers Canada

If you want someone who is going to provide you with honest information about pardons, waivers, fingerprinting or anything else that relates please feel free to give me a call. I promise to advise you on what’s in your best interest. And I will not make up phony deadlines.

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