What is a Fingerprint Certification?  

In today’s world, fingerprint certification is a necessary procedure for many individuals. Whether it is to cross the border, become a permanent resident, find employment, volunteer in the community or process a child adoption, increased security concerns are leading to increased demand for fingerprinting certification. In Canada, fingerprinting certification is a process to check your criminal record with the RCMP. If there is no match with their records, you are clear. This may seem like a lot of trouble to go to for clearance, but name and birth date matches are unreliable.

For individuals who hold a criminal record, obtaining a fingerprinting certification is the first step in obtaining a criminal record suspension/pardon or waiver for foreign travel.  Others may require a pardon or a waiver for work-related reasons. National Pardon Centre provides professional fingerprinting services (both ink and electronic) at our walk-in centres throughout Canada. We will complete all of the necessary documents and will work on your behalf to give you the peace of mind of knowing that you can move on from your mistakes and start anew.

The Electronic Fingerprinting Process

With today’s advanced technology and biometric detection devices, the fingerprinting procedure is significantly faster. With electronic fingerprinting, you no longer have to deal with long line ups and having ink smeared all over your fingers. This fingerprinting process is performed by a technician who digitally scans your fingerprints. The electronic scanner uses thermal imaging technology to record the loops, whorls or arch patterns that are unique to each person’s fingerprints. The result is a digital image that can then be forwarded to the proper agency or printed on a standard fingerprint card.

RCMP Accreditation

National Pardon Centre distinguishes itself from other fingerprinting service centres in that we are a direct connect client of the RCMP, meaning we have our own server connected directly to the Civil Fingerprinting Division in Ottawa. This accreditation allows us to prevent delays for those needing fingerprints and process requests in a timely manner. We also use the latest cutting-edge technology and software to make your submission both fast and secure. With National Pardon Centre, your digital fingerprints may be processed in as little as 72 hours.

National Pardon Centre has walk in fingerprinting services in Montreal and Toronto. In addition to electronic fingerprinting, we offer services pertaining to criminal record suspensions/pardons and US entry waivers. For more information on how to obtain a pardon for previous offenses, contact us today. 1-866-242-2411.






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