Get an RCMP Police Certificate in Montreal

If you live in the Montreal area and you require an RCMP certified police certificate you will need to find an accredited fingerprinting services provider.

National Pardon Centre Fingerprinting Services

In Montreal our RCMP fingerprinting centre is conveniently located downtown.

National Pardon Centre
Fingerprinting Division
2000 Peel St. Suite 650
Montreal QC   H3A 2W5

Phone: 514-842-2411
Fingerprinting Required

RCMP police certificates can only be issued from the RCMP Civil Fingerprinting Division in Ottawa. In order to obtain your certificate you must submit digitized electronic fingerprints. This service can only be provided by an accredited agency.

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Time to Receive Your Certificate

The processing times required to receive your RCMP police Certificate are based on the RCMP, not the agency taking your fingerprints.

Current processing times are as follows:

  • If you’re fingerprints match information on file the processing time takes up to 120 days.
  • If you’re fingerprints DO NOT match information on file the processing time takes only 3 days.

A match means that some form of criminal record information is attached to your name and fingerprints file.

What is an RCMP Police Certificate?

If you do not have a criminal record your RCMP police certificate is simply a letter from the RCMP indicating that no criminal record exists.

If you do have a criminal record your RCMP police certificate will be a letter with a list of all your criminal charges that are on file.

If you have a received a pardon and your criminal record has been sealed your police report will be identical to someone who has no criminal record.

If you require an RCMP police certificate please feel free to get in touch. We are happy to help.


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