Honesty and the US Border Don’t Mix

It never ceases to amaze me how Canadians crossing the border continue believing that honesty is the best policy when questioned by border guards about drugs or a criminal past. Particularly in the former case honesty is the kiss of death. I can guarantee you that if you have ever had anything…whatsoever…at all, at all, at all… to do with any kind of recreational drug, admitting it to a US border guard will land you in serious trouble. At best you are providing yourself with a perpetual headache for the rest of your life as far as the border is concerned.

Of course this is all a testament to the fact that we Canadians are a nice lot indeed. We like to be honest. We like to be good. We like to hold the door open for little old ladies who say thank you and smile.

But please if you are traveling to the States and you have a criminal record take care of it before you go. And if you have ever…god forbid…smoked a joint on a fun summer night when the rules didn’t seem to matter so much just don’t tell the guy at the border if he asks you about it.

Take it from me and take Nancy Reagan’s advice. If they ask you, just say no!

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