How to Clear Your Criminal Record

What is a pardon? A pardon is the easiest and most common way to clear your criminal record and liberate yourself from the restrictions you have no doubt experienced in relation to travel, education and getting a job.

The application for a pardon is made to the Parole Board of Canada and a positive outcome relies heavily on meeting the board’s eligibility requirements.

The application process is lengthy and complex and having a professional company like National Pardon Centre working on your behalf greatly increases your chances of securing a pardon and eliminating your criminal record.

Once your pardon is granted you will have the same opportunities and advantages as those who have never had to deal with the trials and tribulations associated with having a criminal record.

A pardon seals your criminal record and cannot be disclosed to anyone without written permission from the Public Safety Minister. This may occur if you are convicted of another crime, in which case your pardon will likely be revoked.

There are two other ways to secure a pardon. One is a Royal Prerogative of Mercy and the other is through Purge and File Destruction.

It’s never too soon to apply for your pardon. Start today!


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