I couldn’t say it better myself

One of the things I am repeatedly writing about on this site is the importance of getting a pardon if you have a criminal record.  But for all my writings and all my arguments I honestly don’t think I could say it any better than one of my previous clients who was kind enough to comment on one of my previous posts. So in the interest of persuading the few skeptical minded people out there who may be debating the importance of a pardon I will leave it up to Duane. He seems to have a way with words.

Thanks to your service it for sure saved me, now im moving forward to train to become something I always wanted to be a police officer.

Everyone makes mistakes some bigger then others, but we ALL deserve a second or third chance to make it in this world.

NPC if you require a person for your online ad’s or TV ad’s please contact me and I will speak the truth about how your service saved me.


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