It’s easy to get a DUI

It’s easy to get a DUI but when we factor in all the costs, risks, etc it’s much easier to simply not drive drunk. Now, I’m not talking about the people stumbling out of the bar, falling on their face and reaching for their keys. Obviously these guys (and girls) should be nowhere near a vehicle and a criminal record is justified considering the danger they putting themselves and anyone else on the road in.

It's Easy to Get a DUI.

It’s hard to make the law on driving under the influence any clearer.

But what about the people who are just barely over the legal limit? Surely there are those who are able to have a glass of wine or two and drive home more safely than the person in a rush texting on a cell phone. And yet, one activity comes with a criminal record and one doesn’t.

The point is that it is very, very easy to end up with a criminal record. And a DUI is just one way to do that. So the best rule of thumb is that if you are drinking at all, don’t drive. After all, a criminal record is really the least of your concerns when getting behind the wheel of a car intoxicated.

If you do end up with just a criminal record a pardon is going to take longer to get than it used to. We now have record suspensions thanks to the Conservative government.


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