Letter blogging: I just couldn’t resist.

We had an unhappy client recently who decided she no longer wanted her waiver application and demanded a refund (well after we had finished all the paperwork). Obviously we were not able to provide a refund seeing as we had done all the work. The result was a minor nuisance that went on much longer that it should have. It was an unfortunate situation. But that’s business.

That is why I couldn’t resist posting this very kind letter from a client who appreciated our services. I believe that the vast majority of our clients are happy with our services but I will admit that not all of them get around to writing a letter. I have left out her name for obvious reasons.

Dear Keri:

I hope you are well.  I have officially received my pardon.  I am so pleased with your services.  For your information I referred your Company to my Lawyer, as he normally prepares the Paperwork for Pardons but after research I had decided to go with your Company as you specialized in Pardons.  Your Service was impeccable. 

I apologize for the delay in letting you know I have in fact received the Official Pardon.  I was going to call you as I had some questions with reference to a Waiver for entering the US.  I will call you on Tuesday for that but you may go ahead and destroy the last open records.

Once again thank you for all.



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