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One of my competitors has a blog that I watch from time to time. And I find it amusing because every blog entry reads like this:

“Here is a letter from a happy client who loves us…”

And then the entry continues with a letter congratulating the company on its excellence. It is not for me to decide whether or not the letter is a fake. And I am also not in the business of disgracing my competition which is why I have not named names. But…I am willing to do a pardon or waiver for half price to the first person who actually reads this blog AND discovers the competitor I am referring to. Send your answers to info@nationalpardon.org I would be very happy if someone actually managed to do this.  

In the meantime I thought it would be fun to turn things around. So, in the interest of blog entries that are nothing more than letters from one person to another here is a letter I sent to an actual person who asked me how long the pardon procedure takes to complete. I guarantee it is 100% authentic.


Hi Albert,

Our expedited service is only applicable as far as the work done in our office in concerned. Once the file is sent to the Parole Board it is out of our hands. That being said we are seeing our expedited files finished within 2- 8 months right now (that estimate includes time at the National Parole Board). Of course there are always exceptions since we are dealing with the government, which is why we cannot guarantee this time but that is honestly the average response we expect at the moment.

You should also be aware that expedited services are only available if the client is currently eligible or if he/she will be eligible very soon. We have no way of getting around the probationary periods imposed by the Parole Board.

As for emergency pardons there are some situations that warrant special treatment by the Parole Board. The work on our side does not change but if we can provide proof of emergency status then the response time from the Parole Board can be shortened. However, work is not a valid reason because work is the number one reason people finally get around to obtaining a pardon. Unfortunately, our clients tend to wait until the criminal record is adversely affecting something in their life before realizing the importance of the application.

I hope that information helps. Please let me know if you have further questions or if you would like to get a file started.

Kind regards,

Michael Ashby

(514) 842-2411 x 227



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Leah Harper / September 14, 2010

Here is a letter from an unhappy client who is very mad at us.

They do not disclose all the amounts of what you have to pay.I was never told of any amount that you have to pay besides paying this company which was 550.00$.You also have to pay the border another 545.00$ on top of the money you pay them to type up everyhing you write to them.You also have to go to the border and drop everything off yourself.So you will be at 1095.00$ Plus finger printing 70.00$ my advice stay far away from this company i asked for at least half of my money back and was told no.And not only that but they say they are a non profit company hahahah i guess you made profit off of me as in all that was done was a few pages that you had to type out.Still checking with my lawyer to get my money back .If you deal with this company make sure you record conversations with them at least i have one taped conversation.

Leah Harper

Michael Ashby / September 15, 2010

I am the Director of the company and unfortunately when you process thousands of applications you are bound to find some unhappy clients. That is the nature of business sometimes. Here is the real story regarding the comment above.

Ms. Harper’s file was completed on time and ready for submission. We did disclose all of the relevant information concerning a waiver but unfortunately Ms. Harper was still unhappy. After 6 months + of paperwork and preparing her application she changed her mind because she no longer wanted to pay the DHS submission fees, which you can see on our website is clearly indicated as not included (how could it be? Our service fee is $550 CDN which is hardly enough to cover $545 USD). This is unfortunate because we prepared an excellent application that would most likely have resulted in a 5 year waiver (the maximum time period attainable).


I want to make it clear that the National Pardon Centre is an honest and upfront organization. I could easily have deleted this comment from my blog but I prefer to address issues when they arise, rather than just ignore them.

I should also point out that it is illegal to record a phone conversation without permission from the second party. But that is really beside the point.

If anyone wants an honest evaluation of his/her case and a clear explanation of ALL the fees involved, then please feel free to give me a call directly. I will do my best.

Michael Ashby
514.842.2411 x 227

Happy Customer / October 3, 2010

This company has stood by with me for the last 3 years and I have had both the pardon and the waiver done for me. My advice to you the unhappy client is to ensure that you read the website completly as it does say that the US customs fee of $545 USD is NOT included in the fee for the waiver. National Pardon is a great company and I would and have recommended them to friends and family who are wanting the knowledge and peace of mind that a pardon and waiver brings.

From a very satisfied customer…
Keep up the GREAT work.

Leah Harper / October 3, 2010

Holy it took you 3 years to get a Pardon and a us waiver thats werid .Plus this sounds an auful lot like a person that works for this company ahahahah.And unlike you i have told everybody that this company is a fraud and will rip you off as fast as they take your money.So if you want peace of mind do not go with this company

From and unhappy customer Leah Harper

white frames / April 14, 2011

i mean, those big bullies who got caught and sent to jail. Even in there, they probably have connection and no one will mess around with them and they attack and rape so called middle class everyday people who made mistake or framed by real criminals. I mean, there is no torture like old days. they get fed with decent food everyday. they get rooms and inmates will not touch them. what’s the punishment for them?


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