MADD President Resigns After DUI Arrest

To prove the point that pretty much everyone is at risk of arrest the president of MADD’s PEI chapter has resigned his position following and drinking and driving arrest.

But now that it’s happened it’s a good opportunity to go over the steps that Mr. David Griffin will have to take in order to have his criminal record sealed.

Once convicted – and it’s very unlikely he will not be – he will have to pay the fine they will most likely impose. As soon as that’s done he will need to wait 5 years before applying for his record suspension. Once the application is submitted it’s another 6 months – 2 years before the file will be sealed.

In the meantime he can’t have any trouble at all with the law, of course.

As not only the President of MADD but also a former deputy chief with the Summerside Police, Mr. Griffin really should have known better. But then again we all make mistakes and since no one seems to have been hurt over this it’s an all’s well that ends well scenario.

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