Pardons and the Measurable Benefit Letter

As of March 13th, 2012, all pardon applicants must include a letter explaining how a clear record will improve their lives in a measurable way. The letter must also elaborate all positive changes the person has made and provide a detailed description of the offences.

People often get very frustrated with this task which sometimes leads to an inferior product. I understand that revisiting the past is not always pleasant but the reality is that a one-line answer is not going to impress the Parole Board. It isn’t enough to say that you have turned your life around since your last conviction. You must show them how you have turned it around. No one expects you to be a saint. All that matters is that you spend your time engaging in lawful activity. If you are having trouble coming up with positive changes, call us.

It doesn’t look good if you can’t remember your convictions. The Parole Board wants to know what you did and why you did it. You need to take ownership of your choices and admit you were at fault. Never try to diminish the seriousness of a conviction. There is no such thing as “just” a DUI. Also keep in mind that the Board reads the police reports of the charges so this is definitely not the time to get creative with your version of events.

A lot of clients ask me if I can’t just write the letter for them. Unfortunately, I can’t. I will edit it and try to improve it as much as possible but I need the letter to come from you. The best letters that I see are written from the heart. Some have brought tears to my eyes. Honesty is something that I can’t fake.


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