Pardons backlog – If you’re stuck at the Parole Board of Canada

Pardons Backlog – If application for a pardon is stuck in the backlog at the Parole Board of Canada the chances are that there is not much information I can give you that you don’t already know. I am happy to discuss things with our clients and even with some of you who are not our clients but with 22,000 applications in limbo at some point I do have to allocate my time to more important matters. But that doesn’t mean I can’t provide some useful information here on my blog for those who are following.

The following links will give you a pretty good idea of what is going on with the Parole Board of Canada. It will also provide a pretty clear picture that the situation is not the result of your government failing you, it is the result of your government achieving exactly what it wanted to achieve, while never admitting what that was in the first place.

I firmly believe that it was the intention of Stephen Harper and Vic Toews to significantly reduce the number of pardons being granted. You can decide for yourself if that’s the case.

The following is an article by the present author published in the Toronto Star on the pardons backlog.

Next we have an article by Bruce Cheadle at the Canadian Press discussing the pardons backlog problem.

And finally we have the Parole Board of Canada’s status page for the pardon backlog. There is no shortage of discussion on this problem, that’s for sure.

I hope this information helps. The pardons backlog is a problem with an obvious solution. Worse yet it is a problem that never had to exist in the first place.



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valerie voegtle / November 1, 2013

I have been watching the update for record suspension for quite some time now I am sure it would help people to know where they are in the process because the dates have not changed since it was posted several months ago


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