Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services

Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services

I am almost at the point where I am ready to laugh since I’ve been dealing with these disreputable companies for so long. Anyway the short version of this story is that none of the information contained in the website images below is valid. The company should be avoided.

Below is the home page for Federal Pardon and Waiver services. BTW, I am guessing you will not find this company name registered provincially or federally. But I’m just guessing on that one.

Provincial Pardon Waiver Services

The information contained on this website is false and misleading

The home page above isn’t so bad. The form certainly implies a deadline but doesn’t directly say so. But once you try clicking off this website that is apparently run by a company called Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services look what happens. I think we’ve seen this design before.

Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services

Don’t be fooled. There is no deadline to get a pardon.

And finally if we dig a little further in the site we find an article that is a clear lie. Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services should be avoided. Just in case I didn’t make myself clear.

Provincial Pardon Services

Pardons are not being eliminated

Happy new year to everyone. If you want honest and accurate information give me a call.

Michael Ashby

514.842.2411 x 227


About Michael Ashby

Michael Ashby is Co-Founder and Communications Director for the National Pardon Centre. Get in touch with Michael by sending an email to or calling extension 227.Michael Ashby est le co-fondateur et le directeur des communications au Centre du Pardon national. Contactez Michael par email au ou par téléphone au poste 227.


  • Provincial Pardon Waiver Services - Seniour Legal Counsel says:

    LOLOL!! Quite a nice lead funnel you have set up for your self. Optimized blog with your competitor keywords and company names all conviniently directing unsuspecting potential clients to your bank account. Why not tell the CITIZENS of Canada the full truth and direct good people to

    This way unsuspecting people can actually get their pardon free of overages and on time directly through the government… You are nothing more than capitalist scoundrils who can easliy be repremanded.

    Secondly, Provincial Pardon and Waiver Services has referenced legitimate content from, and other current syndications.

    Finally, I give you 1 day to take this page down or you will be hearing from our attorney. If your playing scrabble with keywords, try searching for anti competition beureu

    You know where I stand.

  • Susan says:

    Atta boy Michael! Way to stand your ground and educate the public on false and misleading information! I applaud you, my friend.

    BTW, my husband and I will be contacting you as soon as he is eligible. C’mon March 2016!

    Best regards,

    • Peter says:

      This man isn’t standing up for people he is a company providing false information and using other people to do it. Funny little blog you have here misleading all these people I am told one of your people here on your blog actually got what they paid for with the above mentioned company??? So who is misleading who??

  • Steve Corvin says:

    are there any reputable in Canada… got a pardon, but old charges still come up in a RCMP vulnerable sector check. Records removal? Record suspension? waiver to enter US?

    • Hi Steve,

      I think you might have missed something there. Are there any reputable what in Canada? Do you mean pardon companies? We are few and far between that’s for sure.

      Kind regards,


  • fred says:

    this is such bull****. you have to leverage onto a competitor to make yourself look better? Who are you kidding….

    get a grip

  • Holly says:

    Hi … can you tell me, is this the same people? They apparently go by the names James Sheppard & Diane Lee … this is their website ..

    • Michael Ashby says:

      HI Holly,

      did you have a problem with this company? I saw the same comment on facebook.

      Kind regards,


      • Holly says:

        I’ve mistaken the name it is James Bertrand, Sheppard Avenue, Toronto … and yes, 17 months ago I paid in full for services and to date am still waiting. Also was told the fee included all paperwork and fees for the pardon (record suspension) itself … however, a year later I found this is not the case. Too late to recover money but now I would just like my case settled. Nothing is happening and my money spent, and my time is wasting and this is important to me. I cannot even get an email reply or telephone answer now. I am at a loss as what to do. I am feeling that these people do not even exist. Do they??:

        • Michael Ashby says:

          Hi Holly,

          They exist enough to take your money obviously. But in terms of actually preparing applications they may as well not exist at all.

          I’m very sorry for what you experience with them. If you would like it done properly for an agreed upon fee and within a reasonable time frame then you are very welcome to give me a call. Also if you are in Toronto or Montreal you can actually come to our office and meet the people you are dealing with. I strongly suggest this if possible. I wouldn’t really advise giving your credit card over the phone again.

          Also, if you just need advice on what to do with these guys please call me anytime. But I’m afraid the simplest solution is to cut your losses. If you feel like a fight your only recourse will be small claims court.

          Anyway give me a call either way. I’m happy to help point you in the right direction.

          Kind regards,

          514.842.2411 x 227

  • Alex says:

    Do I have to get a waiver if I am a permanent resident of canada? How much it will take for the processing and the cost please.

    • Michael Ashby says:

      Hi Alex,

      We don’t handle waivers for Permanent Residents. You would need to consult a lawyer or immigration consultant.

      kind regards,

  • Kevin Thornbury says:

    Like Holly.
    I was taken for 2400.00 from James Bertrand in Toronto as well, emailed him and no response as well.
    How can I go after him?
    Can I press criminal charges against him for fraud?

    • Michael Ashby says:

      Hi Holly,

      This would be a civil matter most likely. I suggest filing a small claim against him. You do not need a lawyer for that so it is cost effective.

      Unfortunately the truth is that the police are not terribly interested in non violent small time fraud claims like this. That being said it is worth reporting to the police. You could also start a Facebook group to help find others in your situation.

      And finally if you would like this done properly please feel free to give me a call. I promise it will be done properly. Ideally if you are in Montreal or Toronto you can come to a walk in centre and meet us personally.

      I’m very sorry for your troubles. It’s all too common in this industry. I do whatever I can to educate people but it doesn’t seem to stop the crooks.

      BTW, about $1400 start to finish gets it done with us. No hidden charges to be worried about.

      Kind regards,

      Michael Ashby
      514.842.2411 x 227

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