Robert Latimer can travel outside Canada, Parole Board rules

Remember Robert Latimer? His was a heartbreaking story that ended with him euthanizing his daughter by placing her in his truck and connecting the tail pipe exhaust to the interior.

His daughter Tracy Latimer was born November 23, 1980 but suffered from cerebral palsy which led to severe mental and physical disabilities.

He was charged with first degree murder but ultimately convicted of second degree murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for ten years. Incidentally, a sentence like this means he would never be eligible for a pardon – even under the rules that existed prior to the record suspension legislation.

At any rate it’s about as depressing a story as any I can think of for the moment. But recently the Parole Board gave him the right to travel outside Canada since he doesn’t appear to pose a threat to anyone.

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