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After reading the article in the Globe and Mail that I posted here yesterday I decided to send a letter to the editor explaining why I have a problem with the attitude the private sector constantly receives from the National Parole Board. And voila, the paper published it.

If you would like to read the comment online please click the link below. Otherwise it is reprinted below.

Pardon me

As director of the National Pardon Centre I take offence at the idea that private companies like mine offer “questionable services” (Pardon Crackdown Demands More Staff, Cash And Online Sleuthing Skills – Jan. 11). As an RCMP accredited agency, we might expect to be exempt from such unsupported statements.

Considering that 25 per cent of the applications are done incorrectly, and considering that the review process is so lengthy, the National Parole Board might want to also consider that our entire economy is built on a division of labour. In other words, rather than being questionable, it makes perfect economic sense to hire a third party to prepare your pardon.

Michael Ashby, Montreal


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