Time Frames for a Canadian Pardon

After a few years of very fast processing times for pardons applications (fast being a relative term of course) we have had to change our time frames. Pardons were being processed as quickly as 2 months for some expedited applications and 8 months for standard applications. However, due to the recent legislative debates over pardons and the subsequent restructuring at the Parole Board pardon processing has slowed down a bit. We are still the fastest in the business (despite what some of our competitors try to claim) but anyone applying for a pardon should expect 6-12 for completion of an expedited file and 12-18 months for completion of a standard file. Hopefully once the Parole Board has reorganized these times will drop again but for the moment that is what we are looking at.


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P / June 5, 2011


I have a few minor charges on my record….all summary convictions.

My last conviction was in June 2008 for impaired driving and I received a 1 year suspension which ended in June 2009.

Am i currently allowed to apply for a pardon or is it 3 years from the end of suspension(2009).

Michael Ashby / June 6, 2011

You will be eliigible for your pardon 3 years after you complete your sentence (which is nomrally a fine). The license suspension does not apply to the eligiblity period. But you should always start your application at least a year in advance of being eligible. It sounds to me like now if the time to get going. If you have any questions you can contact me directly at
Best Regards,
Michael Ashby


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