Unauthorized use of credit card data (342(3)) – Common Criminal Charges

Unauthorized use of credit card data (342(3)) is a hybrid offence. It is often tried summarily but it can be tried by indictment when large sums of money and multiple offences are involved. The sentence for this offence varies according to the seriousness of the offence, but it is normally limited to a fine or probation. In some cases the accused may be required to pay restitution or compensation.

A Record Suspension will remove any record of an assault conviction from an individual’s criminal history. The record of conviction will be kept separate and apart and will not be released to third parties through criminal background checks.

A criminal record for assault can mean that an individual is prevented from finding employment, doing volunteer work and being bonded. It can also make it difficult for an individual to become a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

In some cases a criminal record it can prevent them from entering Canada entirely.

A Record Suspension will remove these obstacles.


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