Suspended Sentence

Suspended Sentence This is a type of sentence involving probation. When someone is given a suspended sentence it means that they are placed on probation for up to three years. If the person maintains good behaviour and does not violate the terms of their probation, the sentence will be complete when their probation is finishedRead More
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Restitution This is a common sentence when someone is convicted of a property crime like theft, fraud or mischief. For example, if someone is convicted of defrauding a bank of $5,000, they may be required to pay this money back to the bank as restitution. The restitution is either paid through the court or directlyRead More
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Jail This is the big one of course. A jail sentences is usually reserved for serious offences and for repeat offenders. The sentence begins on the day it is handed down in court. Virtually all summary offences carry a maximum jail sentence of six months, so someone sentenced to longer than that has almost certainlyRead More
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Prohibitions These are a common part of criminal sentences but they’re a bit different from other sentences. A prohibition order requires someone to refrain from doing a specific activity or being in possession of certain types of property. For example, someone convicted of impaired driving is likely to be prohibited from driving a vehicle forRead More
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