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Vulnerable Sector Checks – Canada

Vulnerable Sector Checks -RCMP

We recently completed the testing and administration portion of the vulnerable screening services and as a result we are now able to do fingerprinting for this purpose. There is a slight difference from processing regular fingerprint submissions in that the results need to be returned to a police station. It’s not so bad because any police station will do. But not all are interested in participating because some still prefer to perform their own vulnerable sector checks. Allowing private companies to do vulnerable sector checks is somewhat new.

Vulnerable Sector Checks – Canada

The National Pardon Centre is one of only 4 direct connect clients of the RCMP in Canada. We are a direct connect client which means we have our own server connected directly to RCMP civil fingerprinting in Ottawa.

Vulnerable Sector Checks –  National Pardon Centre

If you need vulnerable sector check and fingerprinting services and you live in Montreal, Toronto or Calgary we would be happy to help out. Drop by one of our walk in centers and get this going today.


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W. Scott Cutting / December 12, 2018

I require a Vulnerable Sector search for employment, for a job in Ontario. I am currently in Montreal, but also a resident of Alberta>Where do I obtain this, and what are the costs?

Michael Ashby / December 12, 2018

Unfortunately we don’t handle those in Montreal. You should contact the Montreal police.

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