Why Remove Your Criminal Record?

Why Remove Your Criminal Record?

There are many reasons why an individual should have their Criminal Record removed. Below is a list of some of the most common problems associated with a criminal record.

Peace of Mind: Individuals can be consciously or unconsciously distressed by their past criminal records. Removing your criminal record will help make you feel better about yourself and your future prospects.

Getting / Keeping a Job: Employers conduct criminal record searches on job applicants prior to hiring them. A record may hinder your chance of getting hired. You can be subject to future criminal record searches by your employer. You may lose your job or denied a promotion if a future search reveals your criminal record. In some provinces Human Rights Codes prohibit discrimination based on a criminal record if the person has been pardoned.

Self Employment: Many companies who sub-contract individuals or small businesses are now requiring criminal record searches to be conducted on them.

Bondability: Being bonded means that the employer has paid insurance which will pay claims made against employees. It costs more to bond those with a criminal record. If having you bonded is too expensive for the employer, you may not be hired.

Custody of Your Children: Some parents have had their child custody and visitation rights negatively impacted because of a criminal record.

Apartment Rental: Standard rental application forms ask if you have a criminal record. It may be difficult finding a place to live when you have a criminal record.

Educational Opportunities: Many educational programs require criminal checks before the program requirements can be met.

Stigma of a Criminal Past: People often suffer accusations and have their credibility questioned because of their criminal record.

Travel to the U.S.A.: Individuals with criminal records have been denied entry to the USA. A U.S. Entry Waiver can provide you with peace of mind by ensuring a hassle free border crossing.

Canadian Immigration: Canadian Immigration often rejects applications for refugee status, landed status and citizenship for those who have criminal records.

Volunteer Work: Some organizations require a criminal record search as a precondition for performing volunteer work.


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Robert / July 14, 2009

I know your work will help others.

Thank you

Robert Smith

Peter Cung (cung khai thien) / December 12, 2011

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