Artist or Criminal?

The photo below was posted to Reddit under the title “Well, they Do Say Art is Anything You Can Get Away With” which is an interesting idea. Now let’s continue the analysis below.

Artist or Criminal

Artist or Criminal

In addition to the artistic merit there are two crimes going on here: Mischief and Marijuana Possession. The Mischief has to do with the graffiti, of course, which by all standards of common sense is a very stupid crime indeed.

The Marijuana possession, on the other hand, while much less stupid is only implied by the nature of the message.

If you happen to live on the moon or just have no interest in drug culture of any kind 420 is code for the time of day when a joint should be smoked. For all us older folks we can think of it as cocktail hour for teenagers. Of course the critique intentionally gets it wrong, just as the artist intentionally misspelled “every”.

On the other hand, maybe it was already 425 and we’re just reading too far into things.

You decide! 🙂


BTW: If you happen to engage in either of these activities then you are facing the risk of a criminal record. If you are charged as a young offender your record will automatically be sealed after a certain period of time. But if you are arrested again as an adult your youth record will then become part of your adult record.

So be careful (but stop the graffiti as it is terribly annoying and maybe go easy on the bong) when doing your thing. And if you get nabbed then a pardon application will be required.


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