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Since the Liberal Victory I have been receiving emails from people willing to tell their story about how the Conservative government’s changes to the pardon program unfairly held them back. The story always seems to be the same. These people made mistakes but they changed and wanted to turn their lives around. But instead of a government supporting those changes, we had a government that routinely wanted to hold people back.

Thank you Mark, for sharing your story:

Jordan Buna


I am writing this email as I am someone with a criminal record who has since gone on to become a productive citizen and is now needlessly waiting for what is now double the wait.

Since my convictions I have gone to university to earn degrees in criminology and psychology. I work with police agencies across British Columbia in the gang prevention field and have received grants from the civil forfeiture office here in BC. In 2014 I even travelled to Ottawa and was a guest at the senate to present the findings of a gang research project I worked on within my university.

I am writing this because I would love to see sense restored to our former pardon system and feel that I would be a good example of just what people can do with their lives if given a second chance.

All this information is readily available on Google “Jordan Buna” in case you’d like to check

Please let me know if there’s any way I can help.

Jordan Buna

After spending his late teens and early 20s in a gang dealing drugs and then going to jail, Jordan Buna turned his life…

Posted by Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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