Canadian Pardon Services

Canadian Pardon Services Provided by the National Pardon Centre

Recently I was beginning to write a history of our organization and to get a bit of inspiration and remember all the things that have happened.

I was looking at some older archived versions of our website. It’s great to see how the site has evolved and changed since 2002. If you are interested in viewing older copies they are archived in various places on the great wide web, or the inter-webs as young people are calling it (at least that’s what I’m told).

Below is one of the oldest versions of the site. This one goes all the way back to January 2003 (it’s been awhile – obviously).

Canadian Pardon Services

Providing Canadian Pardon Services – National Pardon Centre

You can also see that Jean Brisebois, who was an Executive RCMP Officer and was the Director of Security at Concordia University, which happens to be my Alma mater. I must admit I’m not sure if Mr. Brisebois remains at Concordia or not but if he’s reading this I’d like to offer a thank you for the support. It’s been a long time since we’ve spoken.

My favourite line is that “good people get in trouble with the law, everyday.” More than ten years later I still believe this to be true. Most people applying for a pardon are good people who just made a mistake.

Looking back I remember that my website was plagiarized pretty regularly. For a few years it seemed like any new company that opened it’s doors had a development team that didn’t mind cutting and pasting content from our site to theirs.

One of our big competitors still has a bullet list of reasons to choose that company which was lifted directly from an older version of my website. I’m glad I maintained copies of all the copyrighted material we ever published online. What is they say about imitation?

Today the problems of the industry go pretty far beyond simple plagiarism of what I have to admit is pretty uninteresting text. I talk about this endlessly on this blog. If you are interested in the topic you can start here.

Well we’ve come a long way. We’re still providing Canadian Pardon Services despite the uproar in the industry that happened after Bill C-10. Of course we also provide USA Entry Waiver Services for those wanting to travel across the United States border but have been deemed inadmissible.

We still pride ourselves on all the things that mattered to us when we first opened our doors in September of 2002. The landscape has changed a lot and so has the website. But the reason we’re remains the same.

Questions on Canadian Pardon Services provided by the National Pardon Centre? Give me a call. I’m happy to chat.


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