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Criminal Background Check : A quick, easy and effective method

With the incoming season of part-time student jobs, and the new laws regulating domestic animals in Montreal, there is a growing demand for criminal background checks.

The SPVM recently admitted they were overwhelmed with the number of demands and that they were running behind. Specifically they are delayed in the processing of 11 732 requests. That means some individuals have been waiting on their results for 3 months now.

At the National Pardon Centre we understand that most people are in a rush to receive the results of their criminal background check. Your employer or any person that is asking for that documentation expects to receive your results as soon as possible. Plus, you often have to provide the results before a certain date. It is uncomfortable to be in a position where your supervisor is waiting on your results in a matter of days but that you can only provide those three months after your initial request.

Fortunately municipal police are not the only people capable of performing a criminal background check. You can also get results from the RCMP, via an accredited fingerprinting company like ours.

For many years we have offered a quick and effective fingerprinting service in order to obtain criminal background checks. The process will only take a few minutes and your request will automatically sent to the RCMP.

It will take three days for the RCMP to process your application. Afterwards, they will mail your results directly to your house.

To take advantage of this rapid service, simply come into our office with two pieces of identification. We are a walk-in centre; open Monday to Friday, 8:30 to 5:00.

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  • Amanda Sobey says:


    Can I get a Criminal Background check with you if I am not in Canada? I have a copy of my fingerprints which have been done electronically by the NZ police here. How long and how much will this cost?

  • MJ says:

    Hi Michael
    I paid 680. For my pardon paperwork and got my fingerprints done. The only thing I didn’t do was go to the police station to pick up my records. I was too embarrassed. That was in 2011. Will I have to start over or can I submit the forms that I have.

    Thanks for your time

    • Michael Ashby says:

      Hi MJ,

      Anything you collect in 2011 is stale. You will need to start over unfortunately. Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss.

      Kind regards,


  • MJ says:

    M sorry. I meant to add my conviction was in 1996 and it was a suspended sentence.

  • Hi MJ,

    We would need to review the paperwork because some documents/forms have an expiration date, some don’t.


    1-866-242-2411, ext. 226

  • Anca says:

    Hello Michael,
    I am a resident of BC and I am sponsoring my husband from Sweden.IRCC have asked for Criminal record Check from Canada as he lived here in the past . He is having much difficulty finding an agency in Sweden that would take his fingerprints(no fingerprinting agencies there, local police does not take fingerprints for this purpose and Canadian Embassy can’t help him). We are at a dead end and panicking as the deadline is April 27th,2018.We have searched the net high and low for posts of people who have gone thru this and unable to find any.Do you have any idea where he could have this done in Sweden? Being in the business you might have heard from clients with similar issues.Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    • Tiffanie says:

      Hello Anca,

      The only office that we know of that offers the fingerprinting service is the following:

      Notarius Publicus – Gotëborg
      Box 11911 (Visitors Drottninggatan 38)
      SE-404 39 Gotëborg, Sweden
      +46 (0)31 7991090

      If this office is too far from where you live, I suggest contacting them anyway in case they could refer you to another office closer to your location.

      1-866-242-2411, ext. 226

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