Criminal Background Check : A quick, easy and effective method

With the incoming season of part-time student jobs, and the new laws regulating domestic animals in Montreal, there is a growing demand for criminal background checks. The SPVM recently admitted they were overwhelmed with the number of demands and that they were running behind. Specifically they are delayed in the processing of 11 732 requests.Read More
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Fingerprinting for Citizenship and Immigration Canada

If you’re applying for permanent residency or Canadian citizenship there is a good chance that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has requested that you have a set of fingerprints taken. If they haven’t already, they will. Certified Canadian Criminal Records Check There are 2 reasons you may require fingerprints for a CIC application. The first isRead More
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Fingerprinting Services

FINGERPRINTING Services What makes you unique? Many things, but your fingerprints are most commonly used to identify you especially if you have a criminal record. If you are planning on applying for a pardon or waiver fingerprinting is a requirement. Volunteering, adopting, employment, licensing, travel, police clearance and immigration are also reasons you may needRead More
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National Pardon Centre receives RCMP accreditation for electronic fingerprinting

MONTREAL, Oct. 19 /CNW Telbec/ – The National Pardon Centre-Canada’s not-for-profit pardon centre that assists Canadians from coast to coast with the clearance of criminal records-is now a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) accredited, electronic fingerprinting and identification agency. Fingerprinting is the first step in any pardon or waiver application. It is a process thatRead More
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