Criminal Background Checks Will be Compulsory for Quebec Taxi Drivers

This past year left Montrealers feeling uneasy after several reports on the sexual harassment and assault of women taking cabs alone were circulated in the media. Shockingly, police disclosed that in 2014 there were 17 reports of attacks in the city of Montreal alone. The high number of cases pushed the transport ministry to take action and implement a new law that requires compulsory criminal background checks on all taxi drivers working in the province of Quebec. The new law forces taxi drivers to undergo a background check and disqualifies anyone with a record from operating a cab.


The new rules on screening drivers go into effect as of December 1, 2014 for aspiring drivers seeking permits and as of January 1, 2015 for existing taxi drivers renewing their permits. Taxi drivers who renew their permits before the new policy takes effect will be subject to retroactive criminal background checks. Any driver who doesn’t comply with the new law will have their licence revoked.

In order to complete the background check, taxi drivers will need to be fingerprinted. Their fingerprints will then be sent to the RCMP database and a non-conviction certificate will be issued if they have no criminal record. In the city of Montreal, taxi drivers are expected to submit the certificate to the taxi bureau, which is responsible for issuing permits.


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National Pardon Centre understands that the delinquents who carried out these attacks do not represent the entire taxi driver community. Unfortunately the actions of a few can damage the reputation of an entire group. Since news of these attacks broke out, people feel more reluctant to use taxis to get around. The taxi industry should view this new law in a positive light as an opportunity to quell fears and restore faith in the taxi industry.


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