Criminal Record Checks in Montreal

Getting a criminal record check in Montreal is a relatively simple matter but there is still confusion about how criminal record checks are performed. This is because there are several different types of checks that can be done and a few different ways of doing them. So let’s take a closer look.

Criminal Record Check Explained

A criminal record is a verification done with the appropriate government agency (in most cases it is the RCMP) for the purpose of confirming if you do, or do not, have a criminal record associated with your name.

Generally speaking a criminal record will never go away without you making the application to have it removed, although there are some exceptions.

There are many different kinds of criminal records in Canada. Some of them will show on a standard criminal record check, while others will not.

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Types of Criminal Record Checks?

  • Fingerprinting CPIC Check
  • Vulnerable Sector
  • Court Record Search
  • Name and Birthday CPIC Check

The most comprehensive way to perform a criminal record check in Montreal is by certifying a set of fingerprints with the RCMP. Be advised that no police location on the island will perform a criminal record check for you via fingerprinting. Instead you will need to drop by our walk in centre to take advantage of our fingerprinting services.

Alternatively Name and DOB checks can be conducted but they do not provide a criminal record. They can only confirm if there is no criminal record information to report. If something is turning up in the search you will be sent for fingerprinting services.

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How do I get my criminal record check?

There are two ways to get a criminal record check done in Montreal.

Record Checks Via Fingerprinting

CPIC Search – By certifying a set of fingerprints with the RCMP you will receive a copy of your criminal record in the mail. If you do not have a criminal record you will be provided with am RCMP certified document that indicates no criminal record exists.

To obtain a certified set of fingerprints you must consult an accredited agency. Police on the island of Montreal will not provide fingerprinting services.

Vulnerable Sector Check – Vulnerable sector check is done via your local police station and by submitting a set of fingerprints to the RCMP for certification. Your local police must determine if the check is appropriate, conduct an initial review and then have your fingerprints taken. If the police station you are using does not provide civil fingerprinting services you will be sent to a private company.

Record Checks Without Fingerprints.

Name and Birth date – Various companies exist that will perform a name and birth date check. But keep in mind that a name and birth date check will not return a criminal record. In Montreal you can find a few companies offering this service at their office. Otherwise you will be stuck with an online service since the Montreal police will not perform this service on a walk in basis.

Court Record Search – Court records are public information so if there is information at a court house concerning you then anyone can request it. You must review the local and provincial procedures for performing court document requests in the jurisdiction you are inquiring in.


Disclosure – I do not, under any circumstance, associate the Habs with criminal record checks but rather with Montreal. Criminals on the other hand are all over this place. 😉


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