Express Pardons is Closed

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Express Pardons

Express Pardons

It appears that Express Pardons is no longer in business. Although the website remains online the telephone number is no longer assigned which is a pretty bad sign for a business that operates as a call center.

I can’t honestly say this surprises me that much. But it is a real shame for all the people who signed up with them.

Express Pardons History

Here is the story on Express Pardons. It was founded by a couple of guys who had been working for one of the oldest pardon services in Canada which also happens to be one of the few that I would not hesitate to say is a reputable organization.

The two former employees apparently jumped ship one day to found Express Pardons. A few short years later and Express Pardons is no more. It goes to show that processing pardon applications is not as easy as some might like to think.

The company was founded on a dishonest note. The name Express Pardons obviously implies that they are/were able to process pardons faster than the next company. The truth is that we are all subject to the same delays incurred by the courts, local police, RCMP and the Parole Board. Seeing as Express Pardons is lo longer in business makes it pretty clear that there was never any advantage to begin with.

Express Pardons: Success and Failure

Sadly Express Pardons was able to generate a lot of interest when Bill C-10 was working its way through parliament. With so many people suddenly in a rush to get a pardon the misleading branding, marketing and advertising of Express Pardons was too much to resist for a lot of people.

Express Pardons also claimed to be the largest provider of pardon services after only a couple of years in business which was pure nonsense. My feeling is that Express Pardons was very good at signing people up. But since the transaction was always the priority it follows that actually processing the applications was not.

Express Pardons: What Now?

If you have lost money and time to Express Pardons and want to get your file processed properly by an organization that is still running strong feel free to get in touch. We would love to help and I give you my promise that you will have a much different experience this time around.

BBB listing on Express Pardons

Call me personally. I am happy to try and help you out.


Michael Ashby x 227


Update: Express Pardons

It is confirmed that express pardons is out of business. Since I am sure that there are people researching this company online right now I decided to update this page with a little bit of information I have come across over the past few years on these guys. I don’t think it will help your case if you are looking to get anything back from Express Pardons but below are some websites that will show you are not the only one who got taken for a ride.

Express Pardons review on

Express Pardons review on

Another review on


In addition here are the two people responsible for taking your money. It looks like most of the other profiles and information online has been deleted.

Jared Church – Express Pardons Co-founder

Ainsley Muller – Express Pardons Co-founder

Update 03/11/2014: Still getting calls from former Express pardons clients but they are fewer and farther between these days. At this point if you are wondering what is going on I think it’s safe to say that there no chance whatsoever that you will ever see you’re money again. It would be best to cut your losses and begin again.


About Michael Ashby

Michael Ashby is Co-Founder and Communications Director for the National Pardon Centre. Get in touch with Michael by sending an email to or calling extension 227.Michael Ashby est le co-fondateur et le directeur des communications au Centre du Pardon national. Contactez Michael par email au ou par téléphone au poste 227.


  • marcella whiford says:

    I never seen this could i be so stupid:(all money gone and the wait will never stop.

    • Hi Marcella,

      Don’t feel too bad. They had a great marketing campaign and put in lots and lots of effort to make themeselves look like industry leaders. I am sorry you lost so much time and money but if you want this done properly then feel free to give me a call. I give you my word we aren’t going anywhere but up.

      Kind regards,


    • leona says:

      i just found out they are out of furious.i thought my mail went to old address .so i decided to call today..i gave them over 700$.im on a set income..i want to sue them..wHAT LOW LIFES..this really affects suppose to go to states on vacation in freaking out..

      • john says:

        i am just seeing this now. they burned me too. i went and got the fingerprint’s done as they requested. brutal!!!

        • Michael Ashby says:

          Hi John,

          They pulled a number on a lot of people. If you would like it done properly or just need to have some questions answered please feel free to give me call.

          Kind regards,

          514.842.2411 x 227

  • Annoymis says:

    To all who lost money within the last 6 months call your credit card company and dispute the charges as services not recieved, be sure to tell your credit card company that express pardons was only to provide services to you after your account with them was paid in full. This is the only way to save your money from being gone forever!! Express pardons never intended to give any services anyway they just wanted to scam and steal from hard working deserving people,, a welcome letter and service agreement is not service they are advertising, and the additional paper work that you had to run around and get filled out is you servicing yourself! You will have to get the details of the transactions and write a specific letter to your credit card company regarding services not recieved after full payment of account, the credit card company will then have to take your letter and manually dispute the transactions and credit your account accordingly. Poof… You have your money back safe and sound… Take a breather because that’s not the end of it, once you have all you money safe and sound you need to report your card as lost, this will stop these scammers from tring to steal from you again and also render you card information useless because these are the type of people to sell you info to other criminals. Express pardons… You turned your back on Canadians.. The goverment never did. Hope this information will help all the victims out.

  • Wow.! I guess your company is a scam too. What kind of person like yourself would deny people the opportiunity to see what i wrote. Very important information that would have got people to get their thousands of dollars back. Only a true asshole and scammer would remove my post. National Pardons is a scam aswell.!!!!! stay away everyone, you dont need a company to help you get a pardon, yyou can print the application from the parole board of canada and do the work yourself. The parole Board of Canada says on their website that they do not recomend third party pardon companies BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Sam,

      Comments need to be approved before they get posted because we were getting attacked by spam bots. Anyway I have a bit of trouble understanding why you would think we are a scam when I’ve been doing everything I can to spread the word about Express Pardons.

      For the record your advice is very good advice. Definitely call the credit card companies and tell them the services were never received. It is probably the best chance of seeing any money from these guys every again.

      The only thing I would add is that you should probably call the credit card company regardless of how long ago you signed up. It’s worth a shot.

      Kind regards,


  • julie sams says:

    National Pardons is a scam!!

    • Well we are still in business. We answer the phone and we send more pardons to the Parole Board than any other company I would assume. If we are really a scam you can come tell us in person as we aren’t hiding from anyone.


  • minder says:

    I have been searching for about 2 months now about pardons/record suspensions and I tend to find ALL 3rd party companies as a cheap shot and scam. The paper work is available online and easy to fill out with little to no help required. Why pay hundreds of dollars to wanna-be lawyers? Just because you are posting the update on express pardon does not mean you are any better. They aren’t express in their service as you mentioned, well then your company isn’t as national as you say. I haven’t seen or got a real straight forward answer as to why I should pay you nearly $1000 for this service? To fill paper work with info I already know?ie name,dob,offense, address, etc…sorry sir, you are as dirty as express pardons is / was. fyi, this isn’t a bot-_-

    • Hi Minder,

      Thanks for your comment. For the record there is no need to pay a third party pardon service provider to prepare your pardon any more than there is a need to pay a professional to paint your house, file your taxes, fix your car, and the list goes on. Society is built on a division of labour. It doesn’t mean anyone of us are required to divide it up.

      As for your comment about being dirty I just hope you find help one day for your ignorance and anger and a better outlet for your evident excess of free time.

      Kind regards,


  • Well it appears someone has taken issue with the National Pardon Centre on this comment forum. I am guessing that Sam, Minder and Anonymous are all the same person.

    Just for the record we are not a scam. If you think there is no value in the service we offer that is a very different thing and you are welcome to do the pardon application all on your own. If fact I have several blog posts addressing exactly that issue.

    If you are looking for someone to handle your application professionally then we are here and happy to help.


  • trent says:

    tell ya what get my pardon first then i will pay you

  • Barry says:

    FYI, this is what you will get if you email an inquiry to

    From: GEN-PBC-CLCC Suspensions []
    Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 10:53 AM
    To: xxxxx xxxxx
    Subject: RE: Express Pardons bankrupt – did my pardon get registered?

    Good morning,

    Express Pardons is no longer in business. We have been trying to reach out and contact their clients to provide a status update but in many cases the only point of contact provided was Express Pardons. That being said, for the protection of personal information we will not disclose any information regarding status by electronic mail. Please call our toll-free number and wait for option 5 to speak with someone (there is a bit of a delay between option 4 and 5 so please be patient).


    Clemency and Record Suspension | Clémence et suspension du casier
    Parole Board of Canada | Commission des libérations conditionnelles du Canada
    410 Laurier avenue West | 410 avenue Laurier ouest
    Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R1
    Facsimile | Télécopieur 613-941-4981
    Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

    • Hi Barry,

      Thanks for posting that here. It is at least comforting to know the Parole Board is aware of what is going on and trying to contact the clients who have been left in the dark.

      If you get any further news be sure to come back and let us know about it.

      Michael Ashby

  • Barry says:

    FYI, I guess I was one of the few who actually got a “package” from Express Pardons. I got it last September (2012) after paying $722 in July of 2011. That was not including the $81 I had to pay in December (2011) for the RCMP fingerprinting and the $50.85 for the Local Police check. Due to financial issues I was unable to scrape together the $631 to send it to the PBC last September.

    I got back in touch with Express Pardons in June (2013) and they wanted another $50 to get me a new Local Police check because the old one was expired (they’re only good for 6 months and mine expired in January 2013). I paid with my VISA and filled out their form and waited. I even got an email on August 7 when I inquired on my new “package” status and was told they were still waiting for the Police check to come in. I tried contacting them quite a few more times without success. I left a message on their toll free number a week or so ago and got a call the following week from an Adam Shaw from Canadian Pardons telling me Express Pardons went bankrupt. I guess Canadian Pardons bought the toll free number and is calling back anybody leaving a message.

    I got in touch with my bank and have my $50 back. I went to MTPF headquarters and ordered my own Local Police check. It cost $45. It should take 8-10 weeks for me to get it in the mail. One thing that seems to be missing from my “package” is the completed Court Information Form(s).

    From my call to the PBC I was told I needed to have the completed Court forms. I download their PDF package ( from the PBC and faxed the forms along with the RCMP check to the Records Clerk of the MotAG OCoJ and should have the completed forms returned in 2-3 weeks.

    Hopefully then I can send the whole thing to the PBC.

    • Hi Barry,

      Thanks for letting us know about your experience. I hope your application turns out well. We were wondering who took over Express Pardons toll free line as the vendor was circulating it through the industry looking for a buyer. That is another hard sell outfit so I’m a bit worried that former Express Pardons clients are just going to get the runaround from the new agency. But I can’t really say that will happen for sure of course.

      Good luck with your application.

      Michael Ashby

  • Mike says:

    Well I guess after reading all of the posts I am truly one of the most fortunate….I received both my waiver, and subsequently my pardon before Express Pardons went out of business…..I am more curious about what became of my personal information when they closed their doors.

  • Susan says:

    Michael Ashby and his co-workers have been amazing with us following us being screwed by Pardons Canada. Michael is always available to answer any questions and does so very quickly, knowing the importance of providing remarkable customer service. I have recommended National Pardons to others as well. I have that much confidence in them. Reagarding the post that states you don’t need a third party to submit your record suspension application, I absolutely love Michael’s response about not needing someone to file your taxes. Wouldn’t you rather have someone up to date on all the ins and outs of this process to assist your application being approved? I know it is money well spent, even without the outcome being known at this time. Michael, keep doing what you’re doing. You are doing an amazing job!

    • Michael Ashby says:

      Thanks Susan. I really appreciate the kinds words. If there is anything else I can do please let me know.

      514.842.2411 x 227

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