There is No Deadline to Get a Pardon

If you are interested in getting a pardon please don’t be fooled by ads like the one below.

The pardon program was renamed to record suspension but there is nothing in the works right now that would eliminate pardons altogether. These ads are nonsense and mostly the result of one company that normally goes by Federal Pardon and Waiver Services. They also operate a number of different websites that fall under the same umbrella.


This ad appearing on Kijiji directs users to Federal Pardon and Waiver Services website. Both the ads and the website are misleading and/or fraudulent

This is just one example of the misinformation available online but it’s worth a look. They start with a Kijiji ad which is not so much misleading as it is fraudulent because there is simply no deadline at all.

The ad then leads you this website which is also fraudulent / misleading (you decide).


Federal Pardon and Waiver Services is misleading its users with this website.

And then just in case you might want to think things over when try to close the window the following warning pops up.


This is the warning on Federal Pardon and Waivers Services’ website when users try to close the window.

All of this amounts to a minor nuisance that I have been dealing with for a bit too long. For people who have been misled by these ads and websites it might be a major nuisance and/or problem they are dealing with. So I’m hoping my blog and some social media will help spread the truth.

If you want honest, accurate information about pardons or waivers from someone who has worked in the industry for more than a decade give me a call. I’m happy to discuss things with you.

In the meantime: Buyer Beware!

Michael Ashby

514.842.2411 x 227


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