When will the pardon laws change? Conservative crime laws to be reversed by Liberal Government.

When Stephen Harper was defeated in the last election many of us in the criminal justice community breathed a sigh of relief. For ten years the Conservatives had attacked Canadian crime law with a clear disdain for sensible, evidence based solutions. Whether it was eliminating Pardons, killing the Faint Hope Clause, pushing mandatory minimum sentencesRead More
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How to get a pardon from outside Canada            

Applying for a pardon (record suspension) from outside of Canada can be difficult. There is an obvious disadvantage of conducting business through the mail from a foreign country. Correspondence will surely be longer, more expensive and tedious. The other more significant factor is that a pardon application begins with a set of fingerprints being certifiedRead More
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The Proposals to Deny Pardons

Following Bill C10, the Parole Board of Canada introduced new steps in the record suspension application process. One is the “Measurable Benefit Letter”. Record Suspension applicants must explain their reason for applying and explain the circumstances of his offenses. They must also explain the efforts they have made to change since the incident(s). In someRead More
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